Victoria remembered back to the “Gay Pride”Parade: With her friends she runs through the streets of Taipei, holding up a large rainbow Flag in Hand and cheers. It is the largest Demonstration of the LGBTIQ scene, there have been in Asia ever of 180,000 people gather in Taiwan’s capital. You celebrate that the marriage is to be legalized for all.

A year the Parade is Victoria’s euphoria is now gone. She’s afraid of. Since the Opening up of marriage for same-sex couples is in danger. Conservative opponents have United and want to prevent the legalization. You have reached, that the Taiwanese people will be able to vote on Saturday in a referendum about it.

2017 was the verdict of the constitutional court pro-marriage for all

For the little Taiwan (24 million inhabitants), it was a Sensation: In may 2017, the constitutional court ruled that the marriage ban for same-sex offends couples against the constitutional protection of equal treatment. Within two years, to 2019, should allow the government the marriage for all with the necessary laws. Taiwan is considered by the people’s Republic of China as a breakaway province, and due to the “One China policy” of the people’s Republic of only a few States diplomatically recognized. It was the first Region in Asia, in which a court ordered the Opening up of marriage. For comparison: In Germany, the Bundestag decided in the summer of last year.

How will the people decide? “A small part of the Taiwanese people is, however, a small part of this. The middle is indecisive and does not deal with the issue,“ says the Berlin-based Director Lucie Liu. She has accompanied for their documentary, “Taipei love*” (from 2019) for a year, Gays and lesbians in Taipei.

Although Taiwan as a LGBTIQ-friendly known in previous surveys, the majority of the Taiwanese people for an acceptance of homosexual relations. It is a very traditional family was, however, writes Liu. “Young Taiwanese often have no Coming Out, because they are afraid of the parents Holiganbet failed,” says the expert, “parents expect that children in the world and the family line continues.”

Taiwan could. in comparison to the people’s Republic as an advanced

present, The legalization would help to give of homosexuality in Taiwanese society is more space In addition, Taiwan could present itself in comparison to the people’s Republic of China as a progressive and open-minded. The Opening of the marriage was not on the political Agenda. “The legalization would be an important step towards universal human rights. These are Taiwan’s Chance to gain in importance in the world,“ says Liu. Now the Taiwanese can decide whether they want to take advantage of this opportunity. Opponents and supporters have been trying for weeks to convince the people.

Video 24.11.2018, 10:54 Uhr00:36 Min.Taiwan will decide in a Referendum on marriage for all

On the one hand, the conservative group called “happiness for the next Generation”, introduced by the Referendum. “They get very much money from the churches,” says the LGBTIQ-activist, Victoria. She complains especially of the Presbyterian Church to support the conservative group financially. In Taiwan, only about four and a half are Christians, a percentage of the population.

On the other hand, LGBTIQ activists. You have taken time to organize. Meanwhile, Victoria and her friends distribute but flyers on the streets and build in front of the entrances to the Metro stations of small information stands.

The activists have their own Referendum tabled

The activists have even introduced a private Referendum – with the same content, but with different word choice. “We have noticed that the type of question can have a large influence on the decision,” says Victoria. Therefore, the vote is complicated: A Taiwanese can vote both for and against same-sex marriage.

In Romania, the failure of the end of October, a similar Referendum by conservative groups, because participation was too low. Also, this is in Taiwan, although the referendum will be held in parallel to the municipal elections. Thus, the Referendum will be adopted, entitled to 25 per cent of “Yes” votes regardless of the turnout.

There is a referendum, could stand against constitutional court

the opponents of marriage for all of the success Should have, for the first time could be a referendum against a judgment of the constitutional court. “What happens then, nobody knows. It would be a legal Disaster,“ says Liu.

she hopes that it is not so far. “Taiwan could radiation equality to other countries in Asia,” says Liu, “it is important that the big Moment is not torpedoed by 2017 on Saturday.”

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