Arjen Robben will end his career after this season. It is still not “100 percent clear” whether he wants to continue to play football, said the 34-Year-old in the “Kicker”Interview, and added: “Maybe I’ll quit.”

Robben, who had announced on Sunday a week ago, the end of his time at FC Bayern. “Of course this is a big step. You don’t decide on a day, just so,“ said Robben. “I have a lot of thinking about it. I am now very happy that I made this decision and communicated. That it is now so that feels good, just in front of the Fans and the club. It was the right time.“ Robben plays since 2009 with Bayern Munich and gained since then, 19 title, and in 2013 he was able to win with the FCB in the Champions League.

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To the end of the season Arjen Robben farewell FC Bayern

Now confirmed the Dutchman is waiting for the right deal: “We look and wait to see what there is.” When he was convinced by an offer of a club 100% of the games he more. “If the ideal offer doesn’t come, then the conclusion may be.“ A return home was for him to imagine. Project Robben’s hometown club, FC Groningen, has already registered his interest in a return action. (dpa)