no one builds so many different SUV such as the Americans, and General Motors (GM) has, with its many brands, probably ahead of the game. But, of all things, Cadillac have you forgotten in the GM Headquarters in Detroit, apparently. But that should change now. The American answer to Mercedes now starts late, but is still a huge your own SUV-Offensive and set the biggest hopes in the so far smallest model. Because as the First Americans to bring the XT4 in the booming segment of compact Premium SUV. At home and in China, where Cadillac sold now most of the cars will begin the race to catch up in these days. In Europe, where the XT4 is to make the brand finally visible, makes the introduction to the market, but until next year.

At first glance, the XT4 has a very good chance. Because, with 4.6 meters in length, the Americans are exactly in the gap between Mercedes GLA and GLC, Audi Q3 and Q5 or BMW’s X1 and X3 are from the outside, a little smaller than the big German, offer significantly more space than the small models of the competition. Therefore, there is hardly an SUV in this Segment, the offers in the second row for more legroom. And where is the other offer in the struggle for a slender Silhouette in the rear, often only glazed loopholes, enjoy the backbenchers in the XT4 a decent view.

operation desert in the Cockpit

Also, the Design fits in: It’s not quite as showy and provocative as the XXL-model Escalade, but sets itself apart with distinctive LED lights front and rear, a proud face and a sleek flank pleasing from the monotony out of Europe – that is the advantage, if you sold only a small piece.

on closer Inspection, the enthusiasm cools down noticeably – especially with the driver. Because he looks into a Cockpit, which is already Onwin today, of yesterday and up to the market launch in Europe is not completely out of date. Because the analogue instruments look like fallen out of time, the touch screen for Navi & co. is hardly bigger than a Smartphone, and while the other brands are phasing out the BMW iDrive-inspired rotary-Push button again, Cadillac is now proud to still be a desert. The XT4 else would have everything it needed for success: It is the most important wizard in the disk, a Head-up-Display flickers, the seats are air conditioned, and for each handle of the armchairs up to the tailgate servo motors are available.

potential to be a Bestseller

How serious it is Cadillac with the new Format, shows the view under the hood. Because where there were usually eight or at least six-cylinders, a four-cylinder of only two liters of displacement, is also equipped with cylinder deactivation. To save up to 15 percent Fuel and the fuel consumption of eight litres of press, the American prospect. On paper, the engine has almost 240 HP and develops 350 Nm, however, on the way through the nine-speed automatic transmission and selectable four-wheel drive, some remains of which, apparently, on the track. Really strong turbo engine is not effective anyway, and also its sound is not the best. Well, the Americans have to put for Export to Europe anyway, once again, a Hand on the engine and then not only the pollutants, but also the Sound can address. A four-cylinder may be, for many Cadillac Fans is a disgrace, but it gets even “worse”. While the Rest of the world matches in months in the Swan song for Diesel, are planning to, of all things, the Americans for Europe and a self-detonator to draw from, two litres less than 200 HP.

While the XT4 models like the Q5, the X3 and the GLC will not be seriously dangerous, but the little all-terrain vehicle, nevertheless, it takes to be the best-selling Cadillac in Europe, and the sales figures more than doubling. In the case of the previous Figures that should be Easy. And for all who are mentally still trapped in the old car world, Cadillac has a consolation: In the next three years, a new model comes out every six months. There should also be something Bigger.


Created: 22.10.2018, 18:00 clock