Had to see it, this Thursday. The outside figure of the Corinthians, Manchester City and Juventus, moved with difficulty even to walk around the pitch under the midday sun in the main field of the Ciudad del Fútbol of Las Rozas. Not cloaking the slightest limp, and your spins, they had lost some of its elasticity as those players to which the power is transformed them in weight. But its 34 years Carlos Tevez continues to be the best footballer of the Mouth that played the final of the Libertadores with River at the Bernabeu. The most learned in the labyrinths of the game and the more courageous when it comes to expressing views that none of his colleagues dare to ask, observed how they feel, by the president Angelici —do vicar of the Government of Macri?—, Conmebol, the barrabravas and all the folk constellation of the powers that be that surrounds the planet, xeneize.


The police deport them to one of the leaders of the barra brava of Boca just landed at Barajas

Tevez charged against all. Freshly showered after the practice and with the flip-flops set, first accused the South american Football Confederation (Conmebol) have built something of a farce.

“it Is difficult to focus in on this party,” he said. “I come from a trip to Madrid! I thought that was a donkey in history and geography but it seems to me that the organizers I won. What is this? What the Copa Libertadores or the Copa Conquerors of America? Put the name you want. This is a thing of three crazy behind a desk. I don’t understand anything!”.

The man had confessed that he was puzzled: “When they began to say that jugaríamos in Madrid, in Doha… I thought… what a madness! They took us out of the illusion. Players of River they took out the illusion of turning back in your court and to us they took us out of the illusion of turn in the pitch River. That the fans know that we have not been the players we have brought the final here. It has been the Conmebol which has brought to Spain a party of the Liberators without thinking neither in the people nor in the players that we are we deserve to play the final where he has to play.”

Tevez warned that the climate in the locker room boca is close to the unreality. “It is important that we focus on what happens inside the pitch,” he said. “For the two teams is difficult. We have experience we believe that there is that make you understand the group that we play a final and that is in Betpas play in the Libertadores. There are that pass it. Because if not, this seems like a game of summer”.

Asked about the legend of the scenario the attacker escaped into sentimentality. “The Bernabéu,” he said, “is a pitch beautiful. Very cute with a lot of history. But I’m a little dizzy. It is rare. Everything is unlikely. It is unlikely to play a Cup final in Spain. I don’t agree because those who lost out are the players. We removed the illusion.”

The speech rebellious of Tevez, who trained with the breastplate of alternate, sharply contrasted with the official speech of Dario Benedetto, who trained with the bib holder. “I feel privileged to be able to play a final in the Bernabéu”, said the nine that scored the 2-1 in the first leg. “For any player stepping on this pitch is a dream”.

The tuning of Benedetto, the real power reached its climax when he was interrogated by Rafael di Zeo. The leader of the barra brava of Boca is currently investigated by instigating two homicides, but an argentine judge has allowed him to travel to Spain. “Come on Di Zeo is not a matter of the players,” said Benedetto. “It is a fan and if you have wanted to enable something will be. Welcome it is because it is a historic leader of the bar”.

Copy arrest

at the same question Tevez put poker face and pointed to the deportation of Maxi Mazzaro. Old buddy of Di Zeo and dissident leader of the barra brava boca, Mazzaro was arrested on Wednesday at madrid airport when he tried to enter Spain. “It is a great example for that, the argentines, know that the one who wants to can do things well,” said Tevez. “It is important for the message that gives the police here. Spain demonstrates that if you want to stop the bars can be done.”

the culmination of the dissonance between Tevez and Benedetto was the alleged training of penalty kicks this Thursday. Benedetto said that Mouth had trained penalties “for if the match is not resolved in 120 minutes”. Asked about the topic, Tevez shrugged his shoulders: “what Penalties? What are the penalties? I am not trained shoot out. I am in training I threw out two: one I got and another thing I failed”.

The old idol bites his tongue. Nor to assume its condition of substitute with resignation and tactical sense. “One has to know in what age you are and in what situation it is,” he said, when I mentioned that surely would come out of the bench at the Bernabeu. “Obviously I know that when I go into the second parts encounter more defenders tired. But my body is not the same of 20 years ago. It is important that everyone knows what is the role and how you can do more damage to the opposite”.