3. december 1994 is a milestone in the spilhistorien. 24 years ago was the first Playstation from japan, Sony just launched in the company’s home country.

Monday is the official jubil├Žumsdag, re-launched the Playstation 1 so in a retroudgave, which is significantly less than its predecessor and is limited to 20 included games and two controllers, which is also included in the package.

the Extra Leaf have the latest day tested jubil├Žumsversionen, that most of all is a fun, expensive gimmick. Especially for those who have followed the console in all 24 years.

the Graphics are obviously not on a par with what you nowadays expect from a modern game console. Not at all. But the device is fast enough that you can have some enjoyable hours with the Playstation Classic, as the model is called.

Critics of Sony’s Classic text points out, however, that both the Nintendo’s NES Classic and SNES Classic was better screwed together and gave more value for money.

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It takes others about the Playstation Classic

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You do not need a network connection or additional memory in order to store the game Princessbet data. But there are missing several classics in the catalog that Sony has selected.

And unfortunately, there is no opportunity later to expand with additional games. You have the 20 game and never get more.

Controllers are absolutely classic – but with a little bit of short wires of 1.5 metres. Photo: Sony

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The included controllers feel a little cheap with a little too short wires, and without the dualshock. But they are quite faithful to the original controllers.

That follows everything in the box – also a HDMI cable except for a USB charger. Instead, you can use the charger to, for example, your iPhone or Android phone.

You can see more videoanmeldelser of the Playstation Classic here.

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These 20 games included with the

Battle Arena Toshinden – fighting game

Cool Boarders 2 – snowboardspil

Destruction Derby – car games

Final Fantasy VII – science fantasy role-playing

Grand Theft Auto – racing

Intelligent Qube puzzle game

Jumping Flash – platformer

Metal Gear Solid – action game

Mr Driller – platformer

Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee – platformer

Rayman – platformer

Resident EvilTM Director’s Cut – horror action games

Revelations: Persona role – playing game

Ridge Racer Type 4 – racing games

Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo puzzle

Syphon Filter shooter

Tekken 3 – fighting game

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow 6 shooters

Twisted Metal fighting game

the Wild Arms role – playing game