Popular paternity packaging-blog to keep Tommi koivisto’s gift to the middle circle part is already waiting. Picture books you return to time and again.

I Took six years ago ways to make for christmas book of the year in best picture. The first four books told you what all the girl has had time to do and learn during the year, and in the next two protagonists have been two, Tommi Koivisto tell.

Now the front is already the seventh year book. Ifolor’s 72-page Deluxe photo book to hold about a couple of hundred images.

– I Start it by visiting virtually all year to take my pictures through.

Tommi to know that the photo book is already awaited gift for grandparents, as the paper image is not otherwise currently contracted out.

in the Book, grandparents are allowed at one time all of the year’s best pictures together in one book, and I know how the book is examined closely and admire his long. At least as important is how much fun the children have to watch the picture books.

Tom’s family picture book is not a disposable product, but old photos going back to it again and again and everytime they have as much fun looking at the old pictures.

– How touching it is, when 6-year-old presents the image of a 2-year-old, told the place and will marvel at the sight, how İmajbet cute, they both have been still smaller. In addition to pictures important are the captions, and through them is fun to remember together with experience things.

”Oh, I remember, there was a terrible cold!”

”Daddy, I want the moomin world!”

paternity packaging-blogger Tommi Koivisto has made photo books for christmas for six years already. Many gifts at one time

Tommi space for books at the same time as many as six pieces.

– One home, three grandparents and isoisovanhemmille and of course the two children. I put them in plastics to be stashed away and give them ago sometimes, when the time is.

Perhaps sometimes after fifteen-twenty years from now both waiting for christmas as a big and hard package, which does not contain in its less than both of all the most important childhood memories. Common trip, summer vacation, sledding and best friends.

preserve memories for posterity

the picture in the walkthrough to get Tommi to think also to preserve memories of the beyond.

– we Take this day more photos than ever before. First digital cameras became widespread and since then, cell phone cameras, a significant technical developments have lowered the threshold to shoot pictures considerably more and everyday things like when the images were recorded with a roll of film and developed the negatives on the paper image.

Tommi kicked me interested in the question:

have you ever thought that it is quite possible that our time preserved for posterity fewer images than ever before? Certainly not every selfie and dose pictures of miss one, but yes many photos are priceless. As such, at least, are childhood photos.