“it Is rare”, notes Daniel Angelici (Buenos Aires, 1964), when you talk about the final of Libertadores Cup this Sunday, will take to the stage at the Bernabeu, as president of the Boca Juniors Athletic Club and vice-president of the Argentine Football Association. Sausage in a tracksuit of the team in the hotel of concentration, with three-day beard and look is concerned, the figure of one of the most powerful men in the football south american remains concealed among the fans. For reasons of etiquette, you prefer that the photographer does not capture as well.


“The Liberators was a cup forgotten in time,” D’onofrio: “What happened in the Superclásico should be the 11-S argentine” infighting for power in the bars bravas TAS dismissed the petition of the Mouth of which is suspended the end-of-Madrid

Question . In Argentina they refer to you as “the operator of the Justice,” of president Mauricio Macri. What is the meaning of “operator”?

Answer . I’m a lawyer. I was vice-president of the chamber of lawyers. I participated a lot in the university policy within the radicalimso. I was the president of the chamber of entrepreneurs in my sector [Rooms of Bingo halls and Annexes]. Today I am a president of a recognized club. To be a lawyer, I have many friends who studied with me and have come to be prosecutors or judges. There are many judges who are of Mouth and come to the court. To know them does not mean that one can influence failures. But in the imagination of the people it seems that I’m the one who goes on behalf of the Government to solve all the problems in the Justice system. The truth is that the Government does not need me to resolve anything. The Executive and Judicial powers are too far apart and you have to respect the Constitution.

Q. You does not intervene in the Government. What Macri is involved in the Mouth?

A. No, No. We are very good friends. We respect each other a lot and binds us to this passion is the club. I started working with him. We try to manage the club in the same way. We have closed all the accounts with more than 400 million pesos [€9.4 million] surplus. It is the only club in Argentina that has surplus operating: we don’t need to sell players to balance the budget. And logically when I together, not with the president of the Republic, with my friend Mauricio, as always comes up with the football. He is passionate about, and I also like.

Q. Saturday, November 24, after the attack on the bus of Mouth when went to compete in the round of the final at the Monumental, you, the president of Conmebol, Alejandro Domínguez, and the president of River, Rodolfo D’onofrio agreed to play the match. Why the next day Mouth turned to CAS to ask for the disqualification of the River?

A. We always wanted to play that match in pitch River. We always had the illusion of winning and turn around there. The mistake was trying to force us from playing on Saturday or Sunday. If input we gave ourselves the hand and we sat down on Monday in a table, the following weekend we played in Buenos Aires, in the field of River or in another stadium. But they did not give importance to the severity of the case. Not considered that Mouth was assaulted upon entering the stadium, eight blocks before, during the course of those eight blocks and in the door of the stadium. What the pictures show: we threw a single stone. Were stones, bottles, gas… Even the ambulance that carried our players was assaulted at the exit of the stadium. I had to the players, one with vomiting, others with vision problems, with cuts, two transferred in ambulance for them to check, and while both were still saying that the game is played. There they proposed to make a record to pass to the next day. The only thing that I said in that moment was that I had no problem signing a certificate where we we cited in equality of conditions to play another day.

Q. why he broke that covenant?

A. we Were three people. What I signed and did not sign it. When I read this was ridiculous: he said that we had been assaulted with a stone. Before arriving at the hotel, I saw that the paper that we had signed was already in the press. When I wake up on Sunday morning, I spoke with the doctors, I talk with the players, we carried the captain to Paul Perez, who had problems of vision, at the sanatorium. I saw that you were not the conditions of equality in sport. I spoke with the president of the Conmebol, and I said, “Look, we’re almost in the same situation. Some players are better. Others have headaches, not sleep well, there was that medicarlos, I so in these conditions I don’t play”. I said: “Good, but you need to play by the commitment”. At 12:00 noon the president of the Conmebol announced that the game was going on because there was no formal presentation of Mouth. When I heard that, at 12:30 I made the formal presentation of the suspension. One as the president has the obligation to ask everything that you think you have the right to your club. Especially when there was a history similar in the knockout round of the Libertadores in 2015.

Here Macri does not have the capacity. Conmebol is an autonomous agency”

Q. You are referring to the release of pepper spray in the tunnel of rubber that led to the players of River of the locker room to the field at The Bombonera, during a second round of Libertadores. But now the circumstances are different. The incident occurs inside the stadium of Boca and the attack on the bus of Mouth takes place outside of the stadium of River. Does not seem to responsibility of River but of the police.

A. Yes. I also paid all of the security rights. I’m not in charge of the body searches, nor that have entered the gas. Were some partners that the club is identified, denounced, disenrolled, and expelled. We Grandbetting comply with all the protocols. Unfortunately, four or five people that day they put gas in the sleeve of input from the players to the field: a sleeve that was broken and it was not our but put the Conmebol. Just like us disqualified! This is why we ask the same situation that in the 2015.

Q. do The players of Boca want to play this final, or want to be resolved in the TAS?

A. Today I want to play. In that moment, no. Had to pass 48 hours. What I said in Conmebol: “If I had been raised that the party was suspended and we got together on Tuesday, surely the final would have been played in the stadium of River, or in another court in Buenos Aires”. As not happened, the authorities of Conmebol, that one has to abide by, they decided unilaterally by article 35 to play outside of the country because Argentina did not offer sufficient guarantees. That was the notification. And after we learned that the headquarters was in Madrid. And here we are. But as an argentine and as a leader of the football I think this was a failure of the argentines, especially those who are responsible for presiding over clubs are so important.

Q. do you Think that Dominguez rushed to ask to play in Madrid?

A. we were Not prepared for this to happen and decisions were taken on the time.

Q. do And if you win Mouth at the Bernabeu and after TAS in your favor?

A. If tomorrow wins Mouth, the presentation is not. As we know that it is nearly impossible to prosper. Personally, as I have already said in the 2015: I am of those who think that the games will begin and must end within the pitch. In 2015 I would have liked to have the possibility of playing for another 45 minutes. Because we were 0-0 and in our court. Not to me and that is why I had the responsibility to do the same. Claim what River claimed at the time. Against the same opponent in the same tournament.

Q. do And if you win on the River? Do you think that the Boca fans will be proud of to snatch the title in the courts?

A. I don’t know. The swelling of the Mouth, in 2015, I wanted to play another 45 minutes and not had the opportunity to. The swelling is swollen. I am convinced that all parties have to end, as he had to finish the 2015 closed-door or in another stadium. We are now in the hands of the TAS. Surely will turn to arguments, you will see the resource of Mouth, we will transfer to River… The process will take about 20 days.

At that attempt against Dortmund would have been sentenced to 14 years. In Argentina, it passes”

Q. Surprising that the institutions in argentina have not done more to keep the end within the country. Mouth is one of the clubs most influential in the world and the Government of the Nation, with a president knowledgeable and connected to all levels of football, you must have the power to convince Conmebol…

A. there Was an incident and I as the president of Mouth, I would have expected the same Saturday said: “The party can not play let’s get together Monday.” Hence the talk would have been completely different between people of football understanding what happened. Without looking responsible. I told D’onofrio: “it happened here in pitch River in 2015 happened on the court-of-Mouth… Culturally our society is not prepared to lose this game.”

Q. Does Macri does not have the capacity as head of the Government to try to organize the match within Argentina?

A. Not because Conmebol is an autonomous body, even FIFA. The confederation has its own rules and its own authorities, which are the ten presidents of the ten countries that make it up. They took a decision that is within your rules. Since 1992 I have come to Madrid to see Real-Barca, Real-Atleti… I’ve seen a lot of matches, I’ve been on vacation. I’ve even been on a honeymoon. This city has always seemed to me wonderful. Now three days ago that we are here and it feels as strange to play a final so many miles of our country. We have to serve: the political leaders who govern Argentina, the leaders of the AFA, and the leaders of the clubs. This does not can return us to pass and we all have our share of responsibility. We have to take responsibility.

Q. The bus of the soccer teams have been regularly attacked in the middle planet. Last year, a terrorist put a bomb to the step of the bus of Borussia Dortmund hours before a Champions league match at the Westfalenstadion, a player had to be operated on with serious injuries and the game was played the next day. Why is an attack with stones in Argentina is second to none?

A. To the person who attempted to murder against Dortmund gave him 14 years in prison. The one who did that is sanctioned and that in Argentina, it passes. Even for a contravention are an hour in detention. A stone thrown is not a matter of marksmanship. Throw a blunt object is very similar to an attempted murder because if you get hit in the head you can take out an eye or kill you. Europe and South america we are culturally different while the passion of football feels the same all over the world. It seems to Me that we are missing many years of culture and education.

Q. what Failed the police, prosecutors and judges from argentina, then?

A. Yes, that’s why. It is a matter of many years. Let’s hope that from this fact is a before and an after. The Government has presented a draft law that is very hard-specifically to the violent entertainment of football. Hope this is the kick off for that not to happen again this.

Q. do you Expect this law to end with the bars bravas?

A. I Hope so. The I was reading. There are higher penalties. More than three years are not excarcelables. For the one who throws a stone, bottle or item forceful, imposing three to six years in prison. For anyone who carries a weapon, from four to eight, the use or not in use. There are also penalties very harsh for those club officers that provide inputs to the bars or the violent to enter. Looks like it’s going to be a cultural change, an important part of argentine football.