Madrid is facing one of the biggest security challenges on the occasion of the celebration of the final of the Copa Libertadores. The delegate of the Government, José Manuel Rodríguez Uribes (Valencia, 1968), coordinates all the device after a week of vertigo plagued with meetings.


THE COUNTRY prepares extensive coverage for the final of the Libertadores, The Police denied entry to Spain at a “fan high-risk” River Plate

Question. How he forged the final in Madrid?

Response. To us comes to us by Real Madrid, who tells us that it has received an informal request on the part of the Conmebol, the Spanish Federation and FIFA to be the Santiago Bernabéu stadium, the venue for the final. With that information that reaches us on Thursday, convened a meeting that same afternoon.

Q. Was it something informal or very defined?

A. I said it as something already well-defined. When held the meeting in the evening, as are representatives of Real Madrid, the FIFA and Conmebol, together with the National Police to pose it seriously. We had told them about how we organize that and the time that we need. I argue that what we are going to study, which has a lot of interest and a dimension very positive for the projection of Madrid and Spain. So I talked with the Interior minister and with the president of the Government. This gave the news in a tweet when you land in Argentina.

Q. what Was ahead of the president to announce it?

A. No. What we are talking about the three, he was in very few hours. What the president said is that we trust in our National Police and what we can do. The police also appreciated that I could do, even if that forced them to redouble efforts. Then the president reported and I think that was a great decision.

Q. how No one stood against?

A. The only preventions that were made have to do with the fact that this is usually done with much more time, with weeks and even months. It is true that to please have that in Madrid, and that singularly in the Santiago Bernabéu stadium, have organized events of this kind very recently. For this reason, we would favour the experience and the work of the police in this type of events. The concerns had to do with the lack of knowledge of the hobbies, with the antecedent of violence.

Q. isn’t it too much risk that have been chosen as sites to celebrate the victory?

A. The alternative that there would be no celebration is like putting gates to the field. You do not have much sense when it comes to hobbies that don’t live in Madrid and can’t go to his house after the game. This is part of what football is. At some point you have to celebrate. What we have done with that information is to establish the design for the appropriate conditions.

Q. How have you chosen?

A. have chosen them. Are the leaders of Madrid. Hobbies have looked also to be in a place that is very emblematic of the city, like the Puerta del Sol in the case of River and the plaza de Colón, where it would Mouth.

Q. How are you going to deal with the problem of fans radical?

A. The police will not consent to any expression of violence. The case of the deportations of the Thursday and the Friday are a sign that a person who comes to Madrid can be deported immediately because he has participated in serious crimes, including a homicide. The initial information is that on both computers there are about 200 radicals, that is also why the effort in the sale of tickets have been made available to the clubs. Have been 5,000 for each, but Oslobet they are not going to sell all of them. The latest news is that both will be sold about 5,500 and will be allocated to you personally.

Q. And what if you come to Madrid?

A. The delivery of these inputs will be in the fan zone of each team with a bracelet for each one. Since the procedure that we have established will be able to detect cases of fans especially violent. Some have the prohibition of entering the stadium, but the police will assess what is best for each case.

Q. what about The rest of the entries?

A. have been allocated 5,000 for the Mouth and others to the River, in Argentina. Then there are 40,000 to the hobbies that are not there. Are people who live in Spain or in Europe, that have already been sold and in record time. The rest up to 81.000 are the ones that will sell the Real Madrid box office or its partners.[TODAY]

Q. How will you send the hobbies?

A. Come in two charter flights, that is to say around 1,000. The rest in the regular line up to 5,000. The safety device serves three times. The before, in which we are already from days ago. The during the celebration party, with three rings of security. And also the pospartido, those hours until they can take the plane back. We would have liked that the flights were immediately after the match, but will leave on Monday morning. Fortunately the night in Madrid from Sunday to Monday is not the most active from the point of view of the options. Yes, the will is moved to the hobbies separate of their terminals so that they can leave Spain and return to their homes. Time is the marking of the aircraft. One leaves at twelve in the morning and the other at two in the afternoon. The Civil Guard will have a device 800 agents at the airport to separate the two hobbies in the T1 and T4.

Q. Are going to sell alcohol in fan zones?

A. Yes, these zones are designed by the police as places of entertainment. What is going to take on Real Madrid. You are going to have music and animation. If you have not changed the criteria, we will sell beer and wine, plus soft drinks. The idea is to have fun and do there. are Going to be open very soon. From the seven will be open to the River, and at nine, the of Mouth. From there, you can collect the tickets.

P . The fan who was arrested, how was he arrested?

R . It was detected by the Spanish police as a result of the information of the police of argentina submitted their background. At the time I set foot in Spain will be deported.

P . It calls the attention the high number of watchers (up to 1700) that puts the Real Madrid.

R . At the end is the one that Real Madrid has collaborated and works very well on security issues and always puts private security especially in the high-risk matches to support the National Police.

P . How come the argentine president Mauricio Macri?

R . What we have asked in the coordination meeting, and it is not confirmed yet. What we do know is that the president Pedro Sanchez.