Pediatricians believe that the best toys for kids is a traditional toy, with which children can play together with parents. This simple thing can be the child the development of the most ideal. Most of the Photo

America children’s medical academy according to the report, the pediatrician I think the best toy is a traditional toy, with which children can play together with parents. Such are, for example, blocks, puzzles and even an empty cardboard box. In other words, the kind of objects that get their imagination and creativity in motion.

– a cardboard box can draw, or it can even be a house, to illustrate the Time magazine dr. Alan Mendelsohn , who participated in the study which was chosen the best toys around 5-year-old children.

according to him, the tablet-based toys and games advertising teaching and brain stimulating cause for many parents the pressure, but science has not demonstrated their superiority. Simple tangible toys, which can play together, are healthy for the development of better, said Mendelsohn.

Matbet the American pediatrician academy of the report published by the electronic media devices plenty use can affect a child’s speech and language development, to replace the important contact playtime with parents and even lead to obesity.

cardboard boxes can become even formula one-the car – either making crafts or imagined. Most of the Photo

according to the survey, more than 90% of american children have used mobile devices and for the most part has started to use before the first birthday.

the Time according to the group of pediatricians to recommend that children under 2 years of age would not have any screen time and older children it would be limited to one hour per day, tv watching including.

the Small chat in front of the screen now and then is not likely to cause any trouble, if children have more activity, Mendelsohn said.

He pointed out, however, that screen time may be small children overwhelming and it is difficult to limit and manage.

the pediatric medical academy proposes on its website an ideal toys for small children, including balls, puzzles, coloring books and card games.