“Former Djurgårdstränaren reinforces the United”

“two years ago, presided over his Breakfast.”

“Now the englishman Mark Dempsey connected to Ole Gunnar Solskjaers training team in Manchester United.”

“Since José Mourinho left the club, it has become happier faces at the Manchester United training Carrington.”

“the Team’s temporary coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer – who is known for the club’s supporters after many years and successes in the red shirt – has led United to two victories in a week.”

“At his side is his assistant coaches Michael Carrick, Kieran McKenna and Mike Phelan – but during Friday’s training, he had one more tränarkollega at his side.”

“Replaced Pelle Olsson in Djurgården”

“the 54-year-old Mark Dempsey is born in Manchester and played during his active career as a midfielder for United as well as several other English clubs. The Manchester Evening News published today a picture of when the englishman follows the team’s training together with Solskjaer.”

“He has also trained for the ”Red Devils” teams in the past, and kamperat together with Solskjaer in both Molde and Cardiff. Dempsey was also head coach for team Djurgarden during the second half of the season 2016. He took over the team in August and saw to it that the team has stabilized their game after Pelle Olsson left the club.”

“Many of the Club supporters wanted to keep Dempsey in the club, but he chose to return to Norway, where he previously worked. He was replaced by Özcan Melkemichel.”

“In november, the Land of today, the Norwegian club Kongsvinger due to health reasons.”

“”Follows the club’s philosophy” – ”

“Dempsey has previously been praised by large United-profiles.”

“The old striker Brian McClair, who has worked for many years with the club’s academy, said in 2006:”

“– Les Kershaw (old akademichef) gathered together a fantastic team who worked extremely well together. They follow the club’s philosophy and understands exactly what we want to achieve with the academy.”

“The legendary coach Sir Alex Ferguson was on the same track in 2008.”

“– Les was followed up by people like Jim Ryan, Brian McClair, Dave Bushell, Mark Dempsey, Tony Whelan and Paul McGuinness. They have been here with us for over 15 years and I predict that they will still be here and work hard for United when I stopped, he said.”