The car industry is reinventing itself currently. So it’s no wonder that this is also clearly seen at the Los Angeles Auto Show, which attracts up to this coming Sunday and car fans to the Convention Center. After the major manufacturers have blown eight weeks ago at the Paris Salon tribulation, enter into Hollywood, again, optimistic and, above all, future. Because the Stars of the show are mainly studies in Design and technology a huge leap and soon will go into mass production. The big premieres for the series models, however, are rare.

The uncrowned beauty the king is here, the Audi E-Tron GT Concept. After the first electric car of the Ingolstadt-based company became a as well any how my SUV, attracts the new model with the seductive proportions of a Gran Turismo – it’s supposed to come by the end of 2020 on the road. And the fascinating shapes weren’t interesting enough, he lures with a spectacular performance: Powered by two electric motors with a total of 590 HP and with about 90 kilowatt-hours of battery power, he creates the sprint from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.5 seconds, a top of 240 km/h and a maximum range of about 400 kilometers.

While the E-Tron GT only supports a niche and, therefore, Audi Sport will be responsible for, are in Los Angeles still has the other show cars with more broad impact. BMW shows iNext with the study, such as an electric and Autonomous grounds of the luxury-class car could come soon, and so the brand-new X7 in addition, for the Premiere. For the first time, the BMW Group has bundled all the strategic fields of Innovation in a car: Autonomous Driving, Connectivity, electrification and Services (ACES).

Original electric Pick-up

Quite different, but no less ambitious are the goals of the US Start-up company, Rivian from Michigan followed, and with the R1T, the largest and most traditional Segment in the US market revamp – with a purely electric Pick-up Truck, in the Format of the best-selling cars in the United States, the Ford F-150, with over 600 kilometers in range and the promise of to go to 2020 in series.

Something off a car that is otherwise usually the Star of any Show: the new Porsche 911 is here. He goes to Los Angeles in the eighth Generation, and comes with us in the spring in the trade. However, unlike the series trials tire he testifies (yet) from the beginning of a new time, but tried it again with Evolution instead of Revolution. This is true for the Design as for the technology: Because, much to the delight of the purists and, much to the concern of those who look a little further forward, it remains in the known and optimized Boxer engines with 450 HP in the Carrera S. Here, the Plug-in Hybrid, and had the car for a good show.

But with the prospect of a socket connection, the Porsche works under the conventional news on the most progressive. Mercedes, for example, has Dinamobet to offer at the Facelift for the AMG just a couple of new screens and screen GT-buttons in the interior, new headlamps as well as sharpened special model GT-R Pro, but four years after the Start of the Finger of the engines left. The monstrous Jeep Gladiator, a to 80 inches of extended Pick-up variant of the Wrangler, is more of a confession sleepy product planning as an Innovation. Because the new Kia Soul makes as a cool box from Korea significantly more – only with the promise that he is coming to Europe only as an electric car.

The two by far the most unusual answers to the current questions of the PS industry, but if you look at Mazda and Volvo: Sweden emancipate themselves entirely from the sheet metal for the very first Time at an auto show, you have a Stand, to not see a single car. The Japanese also swim with the fourth Generation of the Mazda3 against the current. Contrary to the Trend towards comprehensive digitization and automation, the manufacturer of Hiroshima continues to focus on the core values of the brand: on the driving experience, the precision Japanese “craftsmanship”.

Innovative motor concept

The underscore is also Mazda-chief Akira Marumoto at the sneak preview: “The Mazda3 is not only expand the leadership role in the sale, it also aims to strengthen the bond between customer and brand.” He is particularly proud of the Design of this compact car. Because of the much longer, more emphasizes is on the one hand, classic and very elegant sedan variant, which acts as a middle-class sedan in the high-price segment. And then there’s the sporty hatchback version of the Hatch Back, where the Designer drew the coupé-like line in a swing up to the wheel arches – as a result, the C-pillar is enormously wide, and a never-before-seen rear-wheel generated form.

for the First time, this model series will be starting in March with all-wheel drive available, which will ensure, especially in the Switzerland for additional clientele. The petrol engines are equipped with a 48-Volt mild-hybrid system – the compact cart is fully in the Trend of the time. An exception to this position, he has nevertheless, As the first manufacturer Mazda leads in this model, namely the so-called diesotto engine in the series. Thanks to the high compression and the fuel ignites the mixture in this gasoline engine as in a Diesel – so that the positive properties of both engine concepts are to be United, namely, the rotational behavior of the petrol engine and the high torque and the much more efficient combustion of diesel fuel.

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Created: 04.12.2018, 15:15 PM