TOBLACH/OSLO (Dagbladet): Ingvild Flugstad Østberg (28) was terribly disappointed after åpningsetappen at the Tour de Ski. In the sprint, she early on after a small mistake on the run.

But on Sunday, she settled hard back in the 10 km intervallstart.

Østberg – with the early start numbers – delivered a superløp, but had to settle with second place.

It was a very good race, then. So it gets a bit boring close to the first place, it is a bit sour with 0.3 seconds. It destroys not the race in itself, but of course, it is a bit sour when it is of the first or second place, ” says Østberg.

Achieved the goal

Thus beat Østberg back after an opening on the tour weaker than she had hoped in yesterday’s sprint. Østberg believes that the revansjelysten may have helped her in today’s competition, even though she doesn’t completely understand why.

It has happened before that I am annoyed one day and going fast the next. It has happened many times, I don’t know why. It has just happened, I go to the not around and is sur all the way to the start today, but perhaps there is something brewing inside me, explains Østberg.

Østberg got regardless to their biggest goal for the day. Gjøvik-the girl passed Krista Pärmäkoski and took clearly into Jessica Diggins and is now number three in the summary, a half-minute behind the leading Natalija Neprjajeva.

– the Goal today was to go into management in the summary and what do I do now. Things can turn around here soon and as I said yesterday, you must have uniformly good races and some superløp, and today was an almost-vinnerløp, so it is good, ” says a pleased Østberg.

Neprjajevas first victory

But behind wondered Russian Natalija Neprjajeva, who took the lead on Østberg already on åpningspunktet. All the way was the lead in just a few seconds, before she at last the passage was only located in turin in front of the 27-year-old from Gjøvik.

When it was a sekunddrama all the way to the goal. Neprjajeva passed the finish line to a time which was three tenths better than Østbergs. It was the Russian 23-åringens first world cup competition.

After the finish, she was radiantly happy to have been victorious out of the tidelsstriden.

It was a very interesting battle and I’m sure Self will not give up after two stages. There is sure to be several interesting duels between us, ” says a confident Neprjajeva.

The Russian surprise now believe that she is one of the favorites in the summary. It is Østberg agree.

I think she is the one that people may not have seen that can do it very well. She has a very good day again on the sprint and I think she really is at least as good in the classic too, without that I have completely overview, so I think she can be creepy.

Good run of Weng

A bright spot was that Heidi Weng finally went a good race. She fought for podium finish, and was finally number five, 21,2 seconds behind Neprjajeva.

– It was the first time in a long time I have felt that I have taken once again the people in the trail. It is not every day, it. It surely goes up and down throughout the tour, today there was an upturn for me, ” says Weng to the Newspaper.

It is a little well for the head to get a kind of race, but all may not be on the podium. But today, it worked very well, it is good for me.

It is the test-world CHAMPIONSHIPS in Seefeld the last time I felt so good. I don’t feel I’m as good as I am at my best now helller, but right now it is one of the best I can. Everyone will train hard and be in the top, so you must be able to be a little outside the podium.

tomorrow, new year’s eve, is the day off for the Tour de Ski-runners. The tour continues with the sprint 1. January.

Annoyed Østberg: – I dreit me out