Jiloan Hamad+ FÖLJJiloan Hamad train with ÖSKHammarbyprofilen: ”the Idea is to go abroad”Photo: LINDAHL, BJÖRN/Aftonbladet/TT / TT NYHETSBYRÅNJiloan Hamad.FOOTBALL

the Contract has gone out with Hammarby.

When the train Jiloan Hamad with ÖSK in his hometown of Örebro.

” the Idea is that I want to go abroad, says the midfielder to Nerikes Allehanda.

Jiloan Hamads contract with Hammarby went out for the season. He is currently at home in Örebro and then took the midfielder the chance to keep running with ÖSK. Hammarbys squad has vacation.

– It is still his hometown. I had a contract with Hammarby last november and I called Axel, who I know since the Forward-time and I called him and asked if I could keep going, and thankfully, he said it went well. I run the week out then we will see, ” says Jiloan Hamad to NA.

Not current with ÖSK

Hamad says he is old friends with the players as Nordin Gerzic, but it is not up to date with the games in the ÖSK spring.

– No, it is that I should keep going, and I am grateful that they accept me.


If the location in Bajen, who are still hoping that he writes a new contract, he says the following:

– the Contract has expired and we still have a good dialogue. I’m happy for how it turned out in the Hammarby. We came in the top four with 60 points. It is a very good season and I know that it will continue to work. It was my big goal when I came to Hammarby would win the boom. Now, I am looking for some options and the idea is that I want to go abroad.