Real Madrid Confirms Participation in 2025 Club World Cup

Real Madrid will be participating in the Club World Cup in 2025. The team has put an end to any doubts regarding their presence in the tournament, which will take place from June 15 to July 13 next year in the United States.

The uncertainty surrounding Real Madrid’s participation was quickly resolved on Monday afternoon when the club confirmed their presence through a statement. This confirmation came after conflicting statements made by coach Carlo Ancelotti in the morning, where he initially suggested that the team would not participate.

In the official statement, Real Madrid clarified that their participation in the upcoming Club World Cup organized by FIFA was never in question. The club expressed their eagerness to compete in the tournament and aim for another title to make their millions of fans worldwide proud.

Carlo Ancelotti also clarified his earlier remarks, stating that he considers the Club World Cup as a great opportunity to compete for major titles with Real Madrid. The tournament, featuring 32 teams from around the world, including PSG, will be held in the United States.

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