Challenge Messi is a sure defeat because there is no defense, opponent or record that resists it. Presumed Cornellà be a field elusive for the 10, every time the striker had only managed three goals in ten outings, figures logical in any attacker less to the planetary Messi, who accumulates trophies and titles without remission. Also victims. Espanyol was not least, a team that was two goals from the lack as did Sevilla in the Super cup european 2015 in Tbilisi.

In his first torn off, Leo scored with ease to Victor Sanchez, who was hit. In the second, spaced in time because the Espanyol worked at the beginning in close lines pass inside, Leo dribló two rivals and was zancadilleado by Duarte. She did not like the kick to the 10, who claimed the poster at the time you placed with mimo the ball on the turf. Arms in jar, look at the front and three steps to hit him with thread and fineness, on top of the barrier and to the very square. What held the club and showed an angry barbarian the technical Rubi, who cried to nothing, probably because before the match he recalled that the club will not make fouls close to the area because of Messi not shoots for an indirect free but a shootout.


Memorable derby of Messi, “Let us Not can get a goal as well!”

“The level of effectiveness that is in training is tremendous and so is in the games, that is why it is the best in the world,” he piropeó Busquets. “We have a kind of infinite power to enjoy it, we live in a time unique,” added Valverde. “It is strange the voting for the Golden Ball…”, slipped Pique with irony. “It has not been fair Onwin with him because there are a lot of campaigns… Has earned Modric because he has been a Christian. But if we look at the best, this is Leo”, apostilló Alba. Not lived like on the other side. “That goal changed the match,” lamented Duarte and Rubi. To his disgust and Espanyol, was not the only one missing in the front as it was not the only one that got all time in the second act he hit him from the other side and further on, also to the squad. “You gave well. But I don’t think to tuck a hat-trick of missing…”, joked The Flea.

Your success is expressed in numbers because in the past four years has scored 19 goals missing, the most of any team in the big five leagues, according to revealed MisterChip on Twitter, followed by Juve (18), Lyon, Madrid and Rome (14). “I learned about the data,” confirmed Messi; “happy after convert missing.”

The goals of Leo, will point to as the biggest executioner of the Espanyol because he has cast 24 goals in 32 matches and 20 of them have been in LaLiga. More than any other because the record by Telmo Zarra (Athletic; 1940-55) and Isidro Lángara (Oviedo; 1933-36 and 1946-48). Although not stayed there the exhibit of the argentine, who make as much as he distributes candy —in 17 games this season has signed 17 targets and 10 assists, as proved shortly after by turning it over to Dembélé, who threw the break and the cross shot to goal. And, in boiling as I was, Leo will even sisó a ball to Hernan Perez which lasted Dembélé and sent to the network Luis Suarez.

Messi became a sniper, paperboy and snow plows; three-in-one to break down Espanyol. Too also for Cornellà.