This is as if Madrid and Barca dispute the final of the Champions league outside of Europe. If you have wanted to show the world our football team got the goal. Have seen us as a country and as a people. Since there is no security for the players themselves. We are not prepared to live accordingly. For me it’s over. Has already been lost. This final of the Libertadores is nothing. We lost as a country. We lost a battle.

I have mixed feelings. I wanted to see a great final and I suspect that it will be impossible. I am a fan of the game not the t-shirts. I lack of fanaticism. I won seven titles in five years playing for River but I don’t like neither the flags nor the nationalisms that are capitalized as the football. As a footballer, I enjoyed the game, not the business. In this final of the Libertadores he dreamed not with the triumph of a team but able to see my country embraced, enjoying a sporting spectacle. Football should only be used for fun. River and Boca play well. What they showed in the first leg, which was opened and disassembled so that we like lately the argentine: support football in the claw, the courage, the eggs. In the 2-2 November 11, there was much more than that.

In the Monumental expected to see again players like Pity, Martinez, breaks the mold with the magnificent, powerful drive and does things that no one had prepared on their whiteboards. I wanted to see Palacios, a midfielder which shows his intelligence in the field against the norm in Argentina, where every time leaving less midfielders as well because the trainers who must train the young people are not trained. Now I am sad because the superfinal not only frustrated our expectations as fans of the game, but revealed to us the background of the values of life in our community.

corruption is not in football or in politics. It is up to each one each time you decide how to be in life. How can it be that in Argentina only allowed a single swollen to the stadiums? How are we Savoybetting going to promote the fellowship, the love of neighbor, the sense of mutual aid and other things that expand the heart, have the t-shirt that you have?


D’onofrio: “What happened in the Superclásico should be the 11-S argentine” Palaces, gem River, yearning for the Madrid

technological advances have not helped our society to educate or train people well. Soccer is observed as can be seen the money. So approaching the parents and the coaches to baby football, the first step of formation of the quarry argentina. Prefer to deform acting as entrepreneurs that all you see is a commercial exchange. Also the children are the object of trade. In this string, the natural thing is that the parents live of the children.

You have lost the core values. As a society we don’t respect teachers or to teachers, or our police, or the authorities. You have to be trellis in your own home to live in for sure. I have stopped going to the courts, not to take risks.

I Am a coach of UEFA and I try to prepare myself every day. Since 2013, I was part of the direction of the sport of River of the hand of Enzo Francescoli. For two years I saw so many things that are not working as they should, I was disappointed in both the preparation of the coaches of the bases, that I realized that was not the place with which I identified in the values that one intends to live. I observed that in Argentina, it encourages the search of what is immediate and easy. I wonder if the leaders want to institutions or are some fans only interested in moving millions. The root of all evil is the love of money, and something of love of money must have been behind what happened in these days.

In the economic interests should be in this match exported to Madrid. Athletically, River played in condition from visitor the first leg at the Bombonera, and now returns to play away from home. I don’t know what business will be behind this inconsistency.

Paradoxically, this Cup is called Libertadores and will play in Europe. The contradiction explains how to manage this sport.

Leonel Gancedo played at River from 1996 to 2000. In 1996, he conquered the Copa Libertadores.