Shots with pletfejl. Either or. How is the Peugeot 208.

most can, however, apparently liked the car, the 208 is the most sold in its class. Within doors, the French designers decorated 208 completely different than other cars, so group of instruments is brought up to eye level just under the windscreen, while the minimal, almost gocart-like steering wheel is low. It is a device which you can get used to, but do not really give some benefits, while the big screen is too cumbersome and slow to operate.

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That the 208 is one of the smallest cars, brands one fortunately not the inside, where the space on the rear seat is excellent, followed by an approved trunk. The flat French forstole make however, is that you can easily slide out of the seat during quick svingkørsel, as the sporty handling. Management and the undercarriage is quite sensible in the 208, which we have tested in mellemmodellen, the 1.2 VTi 82 bhp Allure, 159.990 kr., there is current just now and almost full of equipment, as panoramaglastag, air conditioning, parkeringssensor bag, 16-inch alloy wheels and leather steering wheel.

On the road is 208′ eren sprung on the comfortable way, but let down by a mediocre engine that makes the car quite slow and not among the quietest, while a miserable gearshift is even worse. As with the Opel Corsa is available 208 not with the emergency braking system. Ultimately costs the shortcomings, the chance of victory, although the design and the İmajbet equipment list convinces.

: A real winner is hard to identify – all the cars fine on each of their fields. Ford’s running the most fun, Polo’s can do it all, but has a high price, the Fabia is just as good as the Polo, but is noisy. Corsa is located between the Polo and the Fiesta with a fine langturskøreegenskaber and fine driving pleasure. But Peugeot loses – especially on his bad gearbox.