My children and your children and then, just a friend or two, there will be for the football on Saturday morning.

This is the kind of tasks that typically require large family cars a la a MINIVAN, but those are fewer of at the moment, and the maximum number of seats is seven.

the Solution could be a van with windows and many seats. The disadvantage of this type of vehicle is, however, that the prices are relatively high, and that the design can rarely hide the fact that there is talk of vans converted for the transport of personnel. the
Proace Verso is available with up to three row of seats. Testbilen is the VIP edition with enkeltstole and focus on luxury. Photo: Jens Høy
Both the Ford, VW and Opel are able to deliver this type of car, and, most recently, Toyota has signed up as a provider of a bus with seats.

Toyota’s bus is called Proace Verso, and can be supplied in three levels. For family use, you will probably opt for a version with two or three rows of seats, but in this test we have been running the top model, called Proace Verso VIP.

The mid-range model called the Shuttle, while the cheapest version is called Family. the
Black panes obstruct the view into the bus. The VIP-version of the car has two electric sliding doors on each side. Photo: Jens Høy
Runs as a van
As topmodellens name indicates, have the bus all the equipment, like Toyota and their French collaborators have on the shelves.

Immediately see the interior of the bus as also delicious: Here are the folding tables and four enkeltstole that can be turned against each other. We look in vain for the usb connector, but must note that there is only a single 12V outlet.

You must not have rolled many yards, before it is clear that although the black leather and tinted windows may obscure that, in essence, is a vehicle designed for the carriage of goods.

The diesel engine is 180 hp and coupled to a sekstrinsautomatgear, so no one can complain of a lack of effort.

Even though the six steps are not much, so there is torque enough to not be changed unnecessarily down when you need acceleration while driving.

The diesel engine is noticeably noisy at low speed, but it decreases, however, when Celtabet the vehicle has reached the speed.

When it comes to steering, it is as if something is maria. It is unnecessarily heavy for such a big car, that in all the tra-got require to rank very for to get the seat in and out of, for example, p-seats.

By the kind of manoeuvres the steering wheel is too heavy for it is pleasant, and at the same time, there is designtyranni in the gear selector. It is designed as a rotary knob, which from an ergonomic perspective is angled wrong. In truth a ommer. the
The interior is not particularly refined, rather as in varevognsudgaven added leather upholstery. Photo: Jens Høy
the Small screen in a big car
It goes without saying, that one rises up in a van, and it also applies in the Proace Verso.

the View from here is fine, both traffic and instrumentation.

the Greatest attention upon the screen themselves, for it is long since we have seen so small a screen in the car.

When people have become accustomed to the format, works the small screen on the 7 inch, however, makes sense with the corresponding English menus. The car also has a headup-display, so that you have the most important information right there, where the eyes are.

All versions of the car have adaptive cruise control of the very old type that can’t bring the car to a full stop. It is therefore only a small nøk better than a classic version, where you even set the move.

Toyota Proace Verso

the 2.0 D 180 ps VIP

Diesel 2.0 liters 180 hp

400 Nm at 2.000-2.500 rpm.

the 10.1 sec.

170 km/h.

16,1 km/l

530 cm/192 cm/194 cm

328 cm

the Car is available from 549.900 crowns, testbilen is the most expensive version to 799.900 crowns.