The International Space station can these days celebrate the 20 years birthday, and of course it should be celebrated.

to mark the round of the day, the European Space Agency, therefore, shared the longest time lapse video filmed in space, where, in the course of the small 15 minutes going around the Earth twice.

the Recording is put together of approximately 21,375 photos taken by astronaut Alexander Gerst, and put 12,5 times the speed.

With a speed of about 28.800 miles an hour, it takes the International Space station around 90 minutes to complete one orbit about the Earth, but in the video above is the trip been boiled down to seven and a half minutes.

See the fascinating pictures and the planet seen from above of the clip of the article.

Here you can see a year on Earth compressed to the small three-minute video. Video: NASA Goddard Space Flight Cente