It is nothing New that SUV’s sell like hot best device and the compact under the soft flushed “off-roaders” are especially popular. The most popular of them is the Nissan Qashqai, the pretty Japanese with the funny name is – he is the best-selling Crossover in Europe and also in Switzerland for years, by far the most popular Nissan model.

all-wheel drive gasoline engine

deleted, Like all other vehicles, the Qashqai has to be adapted to the new exhaust gas regulation Euro 6d-Temp, which is from September 2019 to be binding. The Japanese have to do with a new drive offer; at the same time the top seller has received an Update for the little dusty-looking infotainment system. The look of the popular Compact SUV was, however, changed nothing, why because the Qashqai of the second Generation also looks after five years of construction, is still fresh.

A new 1.3-Liter turbo diesel so it should; he replaced the previous petrol engines of 1.2 and 1.6 liters of displacement. The unit comes from the cooperation with Mercedes-Benz, and is also used in products of the Swabians and Renault. In the Qashqai, the four-cylinder is available Bahsegel with 140 or 160 HP, respectively, in combination with front – wheel drive a four-wheel drive petrol model eliminates the need for in the future, what are the Swiss dealer regret for sure. The Qashqai is now also available with a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission available, which is alternatively offered with the manual 6-speed circuit, and the popular CVT transmission replaced. 2019, a new 1.7 – litre is also included-diesel engine with 150 HP.

The new 1.3-Liter gasoline engine is sure to be a win for the Qashqai. The small four-cylinder runs smooth, and is in the variant with 160 PS and 260 Nm of torque (270 Nm with dual clutch transmission, DCT), plenty powerful, and should be a standard consumption of 5.3 to 5.8 litres and accordingly economical. The new transmission works perfectly.

The success story of Nissan Qashqai is expected to be with this Update, more posted. The new engines will be available immediately at prices starting from 24 to 350 Swiss francs is available, the Version with dual-clutch transmission will be available from November at the retailers.

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Created: 29.10.2018, 18:00 clock