Ironically, for the festive Premiere of the “Boxing Day all’italiana”, the first round of the Italian football on St Stephen’s day, as the Calcio again in murky abysses: in the form of violence and racism. In Milan, the most cosmopolitan, most advanced, and perhaps most liberal city in the country. Before and during the evening peak game of the series between Inter Milan , the table third, and the SSC Napoli, the Second took place in and around the Stadio San Siro things of which you had thought you belonged to a conquered time.

It began with clashes between the Ultras of the two clubs, an hour before the game. Hooligans, Napoli had detached from the escort of the police, which should bring you to the stadium, and beat with clubs by Inter, the gain of Ultras from Varese and, in fact, nice. Everything is planned and orchestrated. In the network a Video that shows the “urban guerrilla”, as the Italian media call now circulates. You see the red smoke of the Pyros, the mixes with the winter fog of Milan, and men run around like wild, being chased by firecrackers and roar. The police later found batons and knives, which were lying in the batch.

Four Fans from Naples, cuts, nothing quite Bad suffered. A Ultra from Varese but, 35 years old, was used because of previous incidents with a stadium barrier, was hit by a large car. He died on Thursday of his injuries. Initially, it was unclear who had been sitting at the wheel of the SUV and the dynamics of the fatal incident was exactly. However, the police chief of Milan, Marcello Cardona, appears to have gathered enough circumstantial evidence to punish the hardest supporters of Inter. Three men were arrested and a fourth is sought. Until the end of the season, the Ultras are no longer allowed to travel to away games. And at home your curve, the Curva Nord in the San Siro to remain until the end of March.

As a motorcycle

It was also time is a legendary curve. In 2001, the Italians an incredible scene attended, there was a motorcycle from the top of the fell in the match Inter against Atalanta Bergamo in the lower Ring. How was it possible that a motorcycle came on the ranks, is still a mystery and a Symbol of the old, anarchic shearing times. The access controls have been improved greatly since then. The dull-mindedness of many Italian Terraces but not only in Milan, from the extreme Right undermined, remained without improvement. And also, this Christmas round bot in Milan, a sad proof.

The stadium was full, 64 000 viewers, a lot of families with small children were there, was to get out of school. A celebration it should be, if possible, a memorables. A player of the visiting team but was considered from the beginning at every touch of the ball with monkeys are: Kalidou Koulibaly, a Central defender, 27 years old, born in France, of Senegalese national team player. There were not tents, “Buu we opened an account” as you are the Monkey in Italy says: It was a recurring choir, right of the curve, also included in the other stadium sectors. A broad noise carpet of the “Buus”.

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Nel mondo e nel calcio Ci vorreberro sempre educazione e rispetto. No al razzismo e a qualunque offesa e discrimination!!!

A contribution Ronaldo (@cristiano) Cristiano on

In the world of football, it always needs respect. “No to racism” and other insults and discrimination. Cristiano Ronaldo talks a day after the game on Instagram to the riots.

The Best it can be told, offended by the court

Carlo Ancelotti, the coach of Napoli, after the game, he had on two occasions in the first half, three Times a interruption of the game. It provides the rules and regulations. The stadium announcer then turned three Times to the buhenden viewers: If you do not stopped, he said, will be suspended the meeting, the Club would then threaten sanctions. He was three Times booed. The game just kept on going, even after the break, the enough offer could have time for an appropriate decision. And Kalidou Koulibaly was again the Best of Its: insurmountable, as so often, the Emperor, he directed the defense.

Up to 81. Minute, it was still 0:0, there escaped from him, the right wing striker of Inter, Matteo Politano. Koulibaly passed him during the race duel two Times in the shoulder, just gently, and received a Yellow and applauded the referee ironically. “Bravo,” he said, “bravo, bravo.” All the frustration, all the disappointment about the discrimination from the ranks, and the cowardly reaction of sports officials – they exploded in that Moment. As the Referee moved again Yellow: strictly according to the rule book, but pretty insensitive. When Koulibaly left the place, said goodbye to the stadium in a loud disgrace.

“a Frenchman, a Senegalese, Neapolitans: person”

Inter won 1:0. But, nobody is talking anymore. Ancelotti announced: “The next Time we hear easy-to-play, and we should lose, therefore: Be it!” He had never understood, how much it will need up a game would actually interrupted. Koulibaly signed up already in the night after the game on Twitter, he wrote his 114 000 followers: “I’m sorry that we have lost, and that I’ve left my brothers alone. But I’m proud of the color of my skin. And that I am a Frenchman I am, Senegalese, Neapolitans: a human being.”

Milan’s mayor, Giuseppe Sala, a passionate Interista, felt pushed to apologize for a long Post on Facebook in Koulibaly – “in my name and in the name of the healthy part of Milan”. He was in the stadium. The “Buus” had been a disgrace, writes Sala. If the occurring once more, then he get up and go. “I know, of course, that those who make these monkeys are loud, no matter that I get up and go. But I get up and go.” The line of his body Association advises Sala, to give in the next encounter, the player with the number 18, the captain’s armband: his name is Kwadwo Asamoah, 30, left Wingback, he comes from Ghana. (Tages-Anzeiger)

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