Normally you see them only in the most expensive Hotels, palaces and magnificent castles, in addition to luxury yachts, and private airplanes, or the most prestigious villas of the city. Soon, however, it is possible to meet the most famous hood ornament in the world, even in the Wilderness, in the desert, in front of the Chalet in the Swiss mountains, in hunting area, or fishing grounds. Lady Emily climbs down from the Olympus of automotive engineering and has now been climbing for the first Time on the bow of an SUV: the Bentley Bentayga, and more, of course, the Range Rover Çerez Politikası pioneered, is now also Rolls-Royce an off-roader and to the end of the year, from around 440’000 Swiss francs, upward for a “well-equipped vehicle,” the Cullinan at the Start. Freedom and adventure instead of a blaze of glory, is the motto.

But the Rolls-Royce wouldn’t be Rolls-Royce, when the largest ever found diamonds are named Cullinan would be the car, an ordinary terrain: Where Bentley donated his Bentayga based on the Audi Q7 in the first line of new clothes, put the BMW subsidiary is no X7 in a Tuxedo, but the car with the typical British quirk on the aluminum platform of the Phantom. Therefore, the is 5.34 metres long, the Cullinan carries not only the characteristic radiator grille with the presence of a Greek temple, but of course, the four doors are hinged in opposite directions. And even completely apart from the competition, have made the British the thick chunks of a small saloon – probably the most important distinguishing feature of the likely soon to be best-selling Rolls-Royce model.

Practical, and magnificently

Although this Rolls-dares-Royce is not too bad actually in the Mud and for mud and scree – what has he? finally for the first Time in over 100 years of company history, a four-wheel drive and also with an air suspension system, lifting the programming of the six off-road Profiles in order to four inches But even if Rolls-Royce like to be reminded of the desert journeys of Laurence of Arabia and the Cullinan the attributes of “effortless” and “everywhere” – meaning, according to “effortlessly” and “everywhere” stick it to the British less about adventure than about the everyday life: Where Phantom & co. are just cars for some hours, the Cullinan, in fact, the first Rolls-Royce, the you can always and everywhere use.

the developers have adopted some of the topics that were hitherto quite foreign, have developed a split tailgate and a rear bench that can fold down like a posh Kombi electric. So wächstdas trunk volume in multiple increments from 560 up to 1930 liters and power of the Cullinan to the most convenient Rolls-Royce of all time. And as if that wasn’t enough, there are even, on request, also a trailer hitch.

But not to worry: With all the sense of a Practical device of the usual pomp, not behind. Because instead of the three-seat bench can also be ordered with two Executive chair. The cost of carriage although more than a little, but also a massage function, between the Seats there is a refrigerator for the champagne, and behind it a separator disc made of blocks of noise and air when the Chauffeur opens to a long the trunk. Even more exclusive, it just sits on the two power-retractable picnic chairs, the whirring click of a button from the open tailgate.

colossus moves effortlessly

most familiar with the Cullinan presented to the driver. The is not just looking at a relatively well-known Cockpit, craftsmanship, fine processed wood, or the organ of the trains of the fan nozzles and high-tech as the digital instruments, or the touch screen encounter, but in such a new and novel Rolls-Royce, almost a bit dusty. But the command is also a well-known engine: Finally, is under the hood like the Phantom of the 6.75 litres large V12, the impressive 571 HP and – even more important – 850 Nm. Since even the nearly three tons of the Cullinan not fall into the weight, and the colossus moves, in fact, almost effortlessly.

From 0 to 100 in 5.2 seconds and 250 km/h top speed – these are values that ennoble many of the smaller SUV’s to sports and the mountains such a Steel not have expected. The V12 performs this feat almost unnoticed – two kg of sound insulation and the thick acoustic glass all models in the series, prevails on Board, even at full throttle, a heavenly peace.

Nevertheless, the Cullinan, has to struggle sometimes with his weight. In curves and when braking, the centrifugal force drives the colossus, your evil game, and one wonders whether this Budget is not a better roll compensation could have been better. And even if the common Rolls-Royce-do not need look customer quite sure on the money, is not a standard fuel consumption of 15 and a daily value of 20 litres just in a socially acceptable manner. Nevertheless, the British think not even in their worst Dreams, to a Motor with fewer cylinders or a Plug-in package.

“No thanks”, would have signaled to you, the customers as very determined, says spokesman Richard Carter and announces instead, for the middle of the next decade, the first all-electric Rolls-Royce.


Created: 10.10.2018, 22:37 PM