football is an invention of English, as defined by the thought scots and the story of which belongs to the argentine by the more mesmerized we are with the jogo bonito of Brazil in 1970. Some journalists we have even the feeling that to write well you had to be argentine, so that there was no choice but to learn from their texts, as if they were a subject race in the UAB.


opening Hours and where to see the final of the Libertadores Cup 2018 “The Liberators was a cup asleep, forgotten in time,”

The reading began necessarily young with The Chart, remained necessarily with Roberto Fontanarrosa, and Osvaldo Soriano, and today, when we can already learn from our, we imposed the follow-up of the sports section of Clarín, of the columnists of Canchallena in The Nation and from the great writers illustrating the press of the world, any encyclopedic as Martín Caparrós, none are as accurate for my taste as Jorge Valdano.

The pitch is argentine up in the broadcasts from that we knew of Héctor del Mar and listen to Víctor Hugo Morales called barrel cosmic Maradona, the best way to know that the uruguayan journalist also had spent like us to Argentina. He had to know of the Albiceleste, Mouth, Machine of River and also of Racing, if one wanted to be a reporter, because the Spanish football was dominated by argentine and intimate stories such as the San Lorenzo.

“The San Lorenzo plays like Millet” was in 1946 when the team was touring in Spain. Those argentines who wore ankle boots with lightweight, flexible, taco and short shaft, waved the soccer that lived aware of the goals of Zarra, celebrated the arrival of Puchades, Miguel Muñoz and Basra, and applauding the Athletic Iriondo, Panizo, Zarra, Iraragorri, Gainza and Venancio.

expand photo Maradona, in a match with Barcelona. Cordon

The revolution would come later, with Alfredo Di Stefano. The impact of the Bolt was so thunderous that there are people who still believe that Madrid was founded in the fifties at the same time as the European Cup. The success of the Madrid, and the rivalry with Barca, started with Di Stefano, half white and half barca to their arrival to Spain, finally Real Madrid player. The argentine footballer when worn as a glove on the club’s Santiago Bernabeu stadium.

a natural Leader, Di Stefano was so complete that it represented Dinamobet the eleven players, summed up in his competitive figure the game until the goalkeeper, as if it were a compendium of modernity and the forerunner also of all the figures, Pele, Cruyff, Maradona and Messi. It was not only unique as a player but transcended as a coach when he made League champion Valencia and gave birth to the Quinta del Vulture, one of the phenomena most significant of soccer with the Dream Team.

Nobody is forgotten the bond of Valencia with Argentina. Impossible not to remember the years of Kempes, one of the front better defined with the nickname of Matador, or Ayala, and of course Pablito Aimar, the steering wheel that he had stolen the heart of Cruyff. Although mestizo, sea and mountain, seny i rauxa, blau i grana, so in need of the quarry as of the figures, the club has always had a vein argentina sublimated by Maradona, Riquelme, Messi.

expand photo Messi, in a match with Barcelona. Denis Doyle Getty

The fans arrived an hour before the stadium to watch as heated Maradona, aware that it would be more difficult to see him play because sometimes sick and sometimes will ‘ injuries occurred, to the point that Goikoetxea you broke your leg the day of the festa major of Barcelona. The story of Diego was a live that he could not fix nor the wisdom of Menotti. The clash was such that at times it seems that Maradona has not played in the club.

this explains the heavy backpack of Messi. The 10 loads with the titles are not won with Maradona when he started football in color and not won in a time of black-and-white without Di Stefano. The rosario is admired so much that he is able to catch in a decade, the collection of Champions that has gathered over the years, the Madrid. Not strange therefore that Messi never sum but discounted when not conquering Europe. The other parties seem to battles children featuring various characters if it is excepted that continental final lost to Atletico Toto Lorenzo against Bayern in 1974. The Mouse Ayala or the Cacho Heredia, as well as Fillol, Valdano and Latorre, also Carnevali, Brindisi and Bertoni, not to mention Ruben Cano or Pizzi, up to 900 argentine players and dozens of coaches as Cúper, Simeone or Berizzo, they have made a mark in LaLiga.

Have been so many technicians and players arrived in the end also the chroniclers traveled to Spain. We no longer live from the inspiration but from the contagion, mindful that no one plays better with the words than the argentines, even when the journalism event gains ground on the sport and a River-Mouth cannot be played on the Monumental. It is not a success to play in the Bernabeu; nor is it a failure if we are able to give thanks as we owe to Argentina.