Everything is in the books. What is happening with the River-Boca in the final of the Libertadores, also. Oddly enough, some told several decades ago. They did, of course, in format story. With a style and humor so exquisite that it felt like to think that that was real. Until it happened —no grace or elegance whatsoever— and the question arose about how that could be real. The short story, argentinean, football is the pinnacle of the genre. By the looks of it, it is also prophetic.

In The criminal world’s longest, Osvaldo Soriano tells a story of 1958. Polar star and Sports Belgrano will play for the title of champion in the final game of the championship. The first had become the revelation of the tournament: “they Gave and received blows with so much loyalty and enthusiasm, which ended up resting one on the other to get out of the pitch while people were applauding the 1-0 and have enough bottles of wine cooled in the damp earth”. At the end of the decisive match, the referee points to the penalty spot, is attacked, is mounted a tangana —a tangana of truth— involving the military… and the launch is postponed a week. And it will be closed.


On December 19, 1971, Roberto Fontanarrosa tells anyone the fear of losing. Before a semi-final between Rosario and Newell’s, enemies, intimate, a group of fans of Rosario looks at some of the superstitions that, in his opinion, have been carried to victory in recent clashes. Almost by chance, someone mint the old Casale, a man who claimed not to have seen never losing his team in front of Ñul. Begins a hilarious adventure that has a lot to do with this River-Mouth, in which it seems that it is not so much of knowing who will win, but who will be the loser.
When you suspended the party back, many media are put in contact with Eduardo Sacheri, author of several books of stories of football. “I don’t have more to contribute than my confusion, my ignorance and my obvious,” he said via Twitter. Will have to review their accounts within a few decades, to see if the literature continues by predicting the future of country football.