French-Norwegian Alexis Pinturault had to find themselves in the favorittstempelet after the super-G section. World cup-winner in superkombinasjon had 1,67 seconds to the good on Hirscher, and only 0,16 seconds to get back on the leading Mauro Caviezel before slalåmdelen.

Pinturault seemed to have good control down to its first world cup competition in eight seasons. It was his 22. world cup competition in his career.

Austrian Marcel Hirscher was the number 20 after the super-G section. He drove down in slalåmen and set the early standard. He was looking after his 69. world cup competition in his career, but was ultimately 0,68 seconds behind.

Sloveneren Stefan Hadalin, sølvvinneren from the world cup, took third place switched, with poor 1/100 of a second of Hirscher.

Windingstad was 0,96 seconds behind the leading Caviezel. He delivered a good slalom, but was ultimately 1,26 behind the winner.

Fartskjøreren Aleksander Aamodt Source delivered a modest super-G. He delivered an approved slalom and was number 14.

There was a certain tension in Henrik Kristoffersens participation in the combination. It is not often Kristoffersen running super-G. He lost steadily for the best down in the trail and was finally 2,51 seconds behind on a 25.-space. The objective was to come closest to the 30.-space so that he could get an early start position in front of the slalåmrennet.

He had to run as number two after the 30 best had been running. He had the tenth best slalåmtid and ended on 16.-space.

Fartskjøreren Adrian Smiseth Sejersted had some lucky day in the super-G. In slalåmdelen he ran out.

Kjetil Jansrud chose to stand over slalåmrennet after having been number 34 in the super-G section