Right or middle pedal.

these are the two options you have as a motorist, when light regulation front changes to yellow. And even though the law has made it relatively easy to select, it is far from a given that all will be pressing the same pedal in the bottom in the situation.

According to a survey by TNS Gallup has made for Gjensidige Insurance, many danes in doubt. Research have asked in 1648, the danes, when one must run over the yellow, and here it affects the majority – 58 percent – the correct answer: an Amber light means stop, and it is only legal to run, if you have reached so far forward that it creates a dangerous situation to be slowing.

the Survey does, however, allow to give multiple answers, and it seems a few have chosen to do. Thus, the corresponding each of the fourth respondent, that it is okay to run over to amber, ‘if I reach into the traffic light while it’s yellow’.

And 27 percent leaning to that ‘you must never run over to yellow’.

Allocates you the answers to age groups, it becomes obvious that the knowledge of the correct answer fades with age.

When almost 3 out of 4 of the 18 – to 29-year-old responds correctly, it is half of the 50 – to 59-year-old and only 42 percent of respondents Pashacasino over 60 years of age.

at the same time increases the benefit of the doubt or the faith of selvopfundne rules, if you will – with age. While every seventh young motorist apparently selects the brake pedal each time, he or she encounters a yellow light, so it is every fourth in the 30’s and 37 percent of drivers over 60.

the Same tendency makes itself felt among the respondents, running over, if they can reach into the traffic light while it’s yellow. Where barely one in five in the youngest group of drivers choose this answer choice, the jump button each third of the oldest group on the.

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the benefit of the Doubt is possibly part of the reason why, when Danish drivers are being taken in breaking the law under the lysreguleringens cut.

According to an access to documents, as Gjensidige Insurance obtained from the national Police, and Ekstra Bladet have seen, the country’s police districts so far made 1240 decisions of the year, where a user has been given a fine or a cut in the card to run over to yellow or red.

It is not apparent how large a proportion of the 1240 decisions, the ‘yellow’ violations poses, but the total is already higher than in the whole of 2017. Here, noted the national Police itself 1164 decisions.

on the other hand, a good piece up to the level in 2015 and 2016, where the national Police made respectively in 2061 and 1809 decisions.

In the period from 2015 to 2017, according to the Danish road directorate has happened 808 personskadeulykker in connection with situations where there is a run over for the yellow light or the red light.

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