At the Parc des Princes

“I loved almost everything tonight (Tuesday). The intensity from the start of the match, the speed and control of the game, it’s a meeting that reinforces our ideas. We are all happy. The focus was to play our match, to have the ball, to exert very high pressure, they did not have the ability to attack. »

“He’s a great player. In his position, he has a unique energy, with a lot of qualities but he still has things to improve. It’s a pleasure to see him put in so much effort. He has the tranquility and patience to exceed his function. Tonight, he had an extraordinary match. »

” In trouble ? You found ? I didn’t see him in difficulty at any time. “Kolo” has just arrived just before the international sequence and he is being given a lot of information, like Bradley (Barcola), so that they can integrate as best as possible. When we win or when we lose, I must assume my responsibilities. »

“If I was a fan of any team, I would pay to see Ousmane Dembélé. He’s a different player with magic, maybe he wants to score his first goal, but I repeat, he’s a wonderful player with immense ability to create danger. »

“Kylian is without a doubt the best player in the world. What surprised me the most, beyond his sporting qualities, was his human quality. Kylian is a leader, with a positive mentality, always with a smile on his face, it’s always very important for the team. »

“We had doubts that he would play tonight, because he had a problem against Nice. He is a tough, strong player, always ready to play. He played a very complete match. He brings us something unique, his energy, his ability to recover very high, he reads the game very well. With Vitinha, we have a lot of balance (in midfield). »

“We are on the first day (Paris is leader after its victory against Dortmund and the draw between Milan and Newcastle, 0-0), the victory was vital, but it does not make any promise for the future. We want to win as much as possible but it will be complicated. We will go to Newcastle (on day 2) to play our game.”

“We had some very clear opportunities that we should have negotiated better. The result could have been broader. We must improve our management of the last 15 minutes of the match. But I repeat, it’s an almost perfect night for me. »