Thierry Henry, Espoirs coach, at the microphone of La Chaîne L’Équipe after the 2-0 defeat against Austria on Friday in qualifying for Euro 2024: “This defeat was hanging over our heads. This was supposed to happen to us for a while. We saw a team that was playing one of its last chances to qualify. And against a team who thought they were already qualified. We burned our joker. The manner was not great, and I will remain polite. There is something in football called desire. It’s just a question of desire this evening, we lose the second balls. The level was very low. Austria hit the posts four times. We have an opportunity to come back to 1-1 but it would not have been deserved. This must not happen to us again. Nobody wanted to end the first legs like that but when there is no desire… We lost the duels in the head, and those in the midfield. We gave away the ball too early to be countered and that lifted this team and its audience. Well done to Austria.”