Chef Isto Tahvanainen answer offered – has been cooking for Putin, Trump, and queen Elizabeth.Unless the respects he cake. RONI JOURNAL

kitchen and butler Isto Tahvanainen came to the Castle, recruited butler in 2000. Behind he had already shape-ups down to a state visit in the context of 1981.

– the first president, which offered me to be part of, was Kekkonen. I remember that he wanted for dessert, rhubarb pie.

Tahvanainen has injected table Korean Putin, Trump last summer and offered char the queen Elizabeth II.

Yeltsin has been offered meals, of course. Elisabeth fish-meal was Koivisto at the Finnish embassy in London, where the queen dined. The freshest food of the guests of heads of state was also the president of France, Tahvanainen recalls, but leave all the meal details and the value of the guests a special wish to say.

Now just in the Castle do still 6.12. -table of final preparations and table setting and in a hurry is hard.

– If some need to be black, they are Unless the respects he cake and sandwich cake. Of course, some pies, little pastries and cookies includes coffee table always, Tahvanainen raise the serving.

Isto Tahvanainen has been the Castle serving the boss in 2000. Distinguished guests of the hospitality he has done since 1981. Wild kalaoja cake

sandwich cake Castle 2018 theme in accordance with can Tahvana-according to make at home.

Detailed recipes – also applies to the punch – are secrets, but now Tahvanainen soften the evening journal readers.

– sandwich cake in taste of our water wild fish. Pike cake bread is made between, for example, pickled or warm smoke hauesta and it beat the fresh cheese and smetanaan, tilliin, chives and pippuriin. The cake comes with sour cream and garnish roe.

Bread cake are at Jetbahis the core of rye and seed bread, which moisten with the fish broth.

Tahvana-according to Monday’s make koekakun, on Tuesday the actual offered sandwich cake, which is absorbed in peace.

as Alternatives to sandwich the cake are pike in addition to bream, rainbow trout, burbot and game side of the deer.

’t a party without Ellen

our Country’s third presidential spouse Unless the respects he fell for the almond meringue cake and offered it to the castle guests. The cake bears his name still and it taste like a crunchy meringue base, sweet suede kreemi and the top of the ornament as thin roasted almonds. the Anna Niininen Brander -bakery characterizes the cake burdensome to do.

the Cake is served room temperature and it has a rectangular shape.

– Cake making has many stages and leipojalla should be experience. The meringue is done naturally, by themselves, kreemissä is butter and coffee, he reveals.

Cake rights owned by Billnäs and then get the manufacturer provided for bakeries in Tampere, finland, Klaukkala and Hämeenlinna, where this year the traditional cake come to the castle.

the coffee table are also self-existent, the helsinki-based family bakery manufacturers of small, almost one bite of potato brownies.

Chaser’s offers coffee, tea and punch – of course organic and the bread kannikoista prepared beer.

Meaty kakkuri

Unless the respects he -the cake was ten years ago meaty dispute, after which the Billnäs ironworks register your cake. Kotka bakery Stella had registered the cake 1994 and it sold, inter alia, Stockman.

the Dispute was finished, when Stockmann stopped the cake sale and began to market his own equivalent in 2006. The market court imposed a 250,000 euro penalty Stockmann, because manufacturing was considered kopioinniksi.

the freight house of the company’s orders had been a major part of Stella’s turnover and the company went bankrupt in 2008. This legendary cake the rights to go after negotiations, Raseborg ironworks.