Four years later, Barça is back in the European top 8! The Catalan club validated its ticket to the quarter-finals of the Champions League, by winning against Naples (3-1). The Blaugrana, held to a draw in the first leg (1-1), went through all the emotions during this very exciting return match.

“The most important match of the season”. Xavi had clearly announced the color in the pre-match press conference. The stakes were high for a Barça weakened by absences, but the young Catalan gems were able to take over. Under the leadership of a Yamal already indispensable despite his 16 years, and author of a monstrous start. The Blaugrana quickly confirmed their domination and thought about doing the hardest part by scoring two goals in quick succession within a quarter of an hour of play. Lopez (1-0, 15th) and Cancelo (2-0, 17th) were able to take advantage of the forgetting a lost Neapolitan defense. Getting off to a bad start, the reigning Italian champion experienced an ordeal during the first half hour, facing pressure and opposing projections. But the reduction in the gap signed by Rrahmani completely reshuffled the cards (2-1, 30th).

Surprised by Napoli’s first collective movement, Barça immediately lost all control. Ter Stegen had to intervene immediately after a header from Di Lorenzo (34th). In the tough before the break, the Blaugrana were for a long time content to repel the attacks of a recovered Napoli, but not realistic enough in the last gesture. Only Lindstrom had a real chance to equalize, but his header missed the target by a few centimeters (80th). Xavi’s coaching and the repositioning of Gundogan in a more offensive role allowed the Blaugrana to regain control of the debates at the end of the match. Lewandowski, little in sight until then, took charge of putting an end to the suspense, by quietly concluding a textbook action (3-1, 83rd). The final twist in a fast-paced and contested encounter, which marks Barça’s return to the quarter-finals. And the end of an endless wait for a club of this standing.