It works for Paris. Beating Nice (3-1) this Wednesday, during the last quarter-final of the Coupe de France, PSG will challenge Rennes on April 3, in the semi-finals, the day after Lyon-Valenciennes (L2). Jostled in the last minutes before the break, after Gaëtan Laborde’s goal, Luis Enrique’s players scored through Kylian Mbappé and Fabian Ruiz in the first period before killing the suspense and calming Nice’s enthusiasm thanks to Lucas Beraldo, during the second act. Logical victory for the Rouge et Bleu, against the Azuréens who took a good half hour to play.

Faced with the fourth worst attack in L1, Luis Enrique played the card of excessive offensive, with Zaire-Emery going back to the right when the Nice attacked. Which didn’t happen often… Nearly 80% Parisian possession in the first quarter of an hour, 74 at the break! Bulka was very happy to see this header from Ramos go wide (5th). First alert. The Pole had to bow after this luminous movement, Lee to sow trouble and a masterful one-two between Ruiz and Mbappé, the latter finishing on the sole (1-0, 14th). Paris dominant, playful and not satisfied. Ramos ate the sheet from six meters (24th) before Mbappé’s post (25th) and Dembélé almost hit the frame (32nd). Poor Bulka precipitated the fall of his team, missed control in front of “Dembouz”, who served Ruiz, alone in front of the empty goal (2-0, 33rd). Correction in sight? Thanks to a fantastic ride, Boga unsettled the Parisian defense, Laborde carrying out a textbook volley to reignite the suspense (2-1, 38th). Enough to give wings to the Aiglons, transfigured and who finished (very) strongly before the break. The magic of football, the magic of the Coupe de France (2-1 MT).

Breakdown on the Paris side, wake-up call as late as thunderous for Nice? A bit of both. One thing is certain, this end of the first period augured a tasty and indecisive second act. He was. Donnarumma was quickly called upon by Boga (47th), while Rosario saved Nice by stopping Mbappé (50th). Donnarumma again, imperial against Lotomba before taking advantage of the clumsiness of the Niçois (56th). On a thread on both sides. The Gym cracked first. After a corner obtained from a rush from Mbappé on the left, Vitinha crossed hard into the area, a cross extended by the head of… Dante, who put Beraldo back into play (3-1, 60th). Too bad for the Brazilian veteran of OGCN, because his young (20 years old) compatriot was offside by a good meter on this one.

Long stoppage of play in this fast-paced encounter, with this big clash between Rosario and Bulka, hit in the face (64th). The former Parisian goalkeeper had just made an exceptional save on a magnificent free kick from Lee. Courageous, he stayed on the pitch and finished the game. Dembélé tested him from afar (72nd), without success. This goal has in any case liberated the Parisians, more serene, more peaceful. Donnarumma no longer saw much growth and Paris flew, calmly in the end, towards the last four of the Coupe de France. Donnarumma still had the opportunity to shine in stoppage time, but so did Bulka, and rather twice than once, against Barcola but also and above all against WZE. A totally crazy parade (3-1 final score). A final push in Ligue 1 before the international break in Montpellier on Sunday for the Parisians. The Niçois will go to Lens on Saturday.