After a defeat at home against Denmark in a friendly match (4-1), Thierry Henry’s French team easily won in Slovenia (0-4) for its first qualifying match for the next Euro.

From the outset, the French showed their advantage. As against Denmark, Thierry Henry’s players exerted significant pressure like this ball recovered by Rayan Cherki in front of the area (2nd). The midfield three works well and crisscrosses the width of the field to give time. The Bleuets will accelerate at the start of the match and offer themselves the first chances of the match. Rayan Cherki multiplies the strikes (10th, 12th, 15th). Arnaud Kalimuendo also tries (13th). Without success. The French’s strong moment has passed and the Slovenes will also get involved. Guillaume Restes offers a superb double save against the opposing attackers (18th) after a distant free kick. The Bleuets then get their foot back on the ball but lack precision while the opponents wait for the counter. Warren Zaire-Emery came from nowhere to save the homeland after a superb Slovenian attack (34th).

At the end of the first period, fatigue was felt and the Lyon playmaker, still affected, made a series of inaccuracies. In added time, the Bleuets will open the scoring. On a counterattack, Johann Lepenant finds his club teammate perfectly on the left side. Rayan Cherki then relies on Arnaud Kalimuendo who passes towards Bradley Barcola. The new Parisian places his shot perfectly to deceive the opposing goalkeeper. Unfortunately, on the last action before the break, the Rennes striker collapsed to the ground after regaining support. He is logically replaced by Elye Wahi after returning from the locker room.

After the break, the French return with the same intentions. Malo Gusto sees his shot blocked (47th), just like Quentin Merlin (49th), who nevertheless had an empty goal in front of him. It’s only a postponement since Rayan Cherki will find the fault a few minutes later (50th). A low right foot strike after a great collective movement with his former teammates, Bradley Barcola and Malo Gusto. The two former Lyonnais still at work a few minutes later. The defender admits a cross that is too long but the attacker manages to regain the ball and score with… his shin (57th). A ball placed in the skylight, unstoppable. Despite two goals conceded quickly, Slovenia does not give up and Guillaume Remains still on parade (59th, 60th). The Bleuets will then hold the ball and continue to attack in spurts. After a ride all over the field, the No. 10 of the Blues narrowly missed the double (68th). A calmer and more controlled end to the match for the French. Shortly before added time, Sekou Mara remained on the lookout to catch a shot deflected by the goalkeeper and score the fourth goal (89th).

Two big successes in two matches for Thierry Henry’s Bleuets. Next meetings on October 13 and 17 in Bosnia-Herzegovina then against Cyprus for the continuation of the qualifications for the next Euro.