Last weekend, AS Monaco hosted Stade Brestois at Louis II in a match won by the locals with a score of 2 to 0. At the end of the match, Eric Roy castigated the refereeing, with a feeling of “anger and incomprehension”. Friday on Instagram, the Breton coach gave it another layer.

Speaking “with hindsight”, Eric Roy published a long message on Instagram, believing that many situations “are analyzed in a disparate manner”. He then gave examples: “Why does he intervene to correct certain decisions (2 canceled goals) and not others (flagrant foul in the penalty area on Jérémy Le Douaron)?”

Eric Roy spoke at length about the use of video refereeing: “Today, technology puts a lot of pressure on referees. From now on, matches are managed by VAR which can, according to the rules in force, influence the result of a match. The most serious thing is that it has the effect of disempowering our referees and instead of helping them, it continues to put them in difficulty.” The Brest coach is neither the first nor the last to make this kind of comment. He ended his message by sending his support to the referees, “convinced that our referees are honest and competent”. Brest faces