Real Madrid supporter, Rafael Nadal assured Monday that he would be delighted to see Kylian Mbapp wear the White House jersey, and that he had no “hard feelings” towards the player, already announced several times in Madrid , but still at Paris Saint-Germain.

“I would be happy if he came. Obviously I would like it. Who wouldn’t like that?” asked the Spanish tennis legend in an interview with the Movistar channel broadcast on Monday. “I have no problem with Mbappé. Resentment? None. On the contrary, only gratitude, because if he comes, when he comes, he will give up a lot of money,” he added.

Asked about his desire to be president of Real Madrid, Nadal assured that he would “please” it. “But today we have the best possible president (Florentino Perez, editor’s note), and then (…) we have to know if we are capable of doing certain things.”

“I am quite realistic about myself, I know my limits and I don’t know if I would be capable of it or not,” he concluded.