RC Lens supporters traveled 700 km to reach Lyon last weekend and witness the big victory of their protégés against Les Gones (3-0). On the way to the capital of Gaul, northern supporters made a short detour, in Haute-Marne, to attend… a Departmental 2 championship match.

The poster pitted fans from Rolampont against those from the Entente Trois Châteaux. Equipped with flags, smoke bombs and their voices, the noisy supporters arrived to everyone’s surprise near the football field.

The Trubulens Calais, an association of RC Lens supporters, created a unique atmosphere for a meeting which until then took place in the tranquility of the Grand Est countryside. The Rolampontais were beaten 1-2 but the local goalkeeper, Jérémy Martin, has excellent memories of this surprise visit.

“They arrived by minibus. We were wondering what was going on. They had flags. There were around twenty of them and they came to sit right behind my goal when we scored. Thanks to them, we are famous! », Commented the player on the JHM website.