The 17-year-old young man – who was 16 at the time of the events on May 28 – spent nine months in pre-trial detention in a juvenile facility in Germany. The prosecution had requested a prison sentence of two years and three months. Due to the young age of the accused, the trial was held behind closed doors. “He is now free and can go to any country he wants. But he must inform the Frankfurt court every month of what he is doing,” court spokesperson Daniel Trosch told AFP.

“He admitted the facts and said he regretted them,” he added. A fight between several players occurred on the football field, during a tournament in Frankfurt hosting youth teams from 16 different countries, most of them European. It took place after a match between the team of the young accused and that of the 15-year-old player, Paul, who died a few days later from his injuries, JFC Berlin.

The young Moroccan then played within the FC Metz Performance Program, a structure integrated into the French club and which allows “young footballers or educators from all over the world to access a high-level training structure”. The FC Metz club, which plays in Ligue 1, said it was “deeply shocked by this tragedy”. The young Berliner who died “as a result of his serious brain injuries”, according to the police, had been kept on artificial life for a few days so that he could donate his organs.

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