The Italian Football Federation (FIGC) has opened an investigation into a player from AS Roma’s under-19 team who posted an intimate video of a club employee which led to his dismissal.

The FIGC court has opened an investigation, the Italian federation told AFP, confirming press information while this affair is causing a lot of noise in Italy. A left-wing MP announced that she would question the government on this affair.

The AS Roma Primavera player (under 19), a minor according to the Italian press, had access in November to the cell phone of the club employee who worked in the administrative sector under the pretext of having to make a call to his agent. Still according to the press, he found a video on this phone showing the young woman having “an intimate relationship” with her companion, a hierarchical superior within the club, who was also fired.

This video was then shared with Roma first team players. The team management and club management also took note of it. In a press release published on Friday, AS Roma denounced “a clear attempt to attack and destabilize the club and its group at a crucial moment of the sporting season”.

Roma, currently 5th in the Italian Championship and qualified for the quarter-finals of the Europa League where they will face AC Milan, explained that “the dismissal (was) the consequence of a circumstance which, in addition to being contrary to the company’s Code of Ethics (…) objectively determined the impossibility of continuing the employment relationship.

“The facts were used to make believe that there was sexual discrimination and disparity in treatment while the decision (to dismiss) the man involved took place at the same time” as the dismissal of the employee, continued the club.