the lessons of the crisis of the coronavirus in the field of digital savings to build the future and not miss the boat. The association France digitale, which includes some 1800 start-ups and a hundred of French investors, publishes Tuesday, fifteen proposals for “the world after” the crisis of the Covid-19. At a time when the French government increases the stimulus plans, sectoral, France digital believes that it is also necessary to think of how transverse and ambitious for the future. “The investment Plan proposed by France Digital should not be seen as a support to a sector in crisis, but as an offensive strategy intended to ensure the technological sovereignty of France and to leverage on the creation of sustainable jobs and non-relocatable” wrote the association in the preamble to its proposals.

This plan is part of a finding a little bitter: France – like the rest of the world – comes from living its greatest moment of acceleration digital with containment and reorganization of brutal labour, education, social ties, and / or recreation. However, not only the crisis has shown that in France, many actors in the public and private sector were not sufficiently prepared digitally speaking, but also that the solutions to which they are turned are in the overwhelming majority of foreign. National education is struggling to support the load, cloud infrastructures not up to it, systems of public institutions, non-interoperable, VPN not calibrated, the examples of unpreparedness are legion. “The information system of the State has had to adapt to different data formats, the different regional Agencies of health, using different data formats, the long-term care-with a system not incorporating not counting national” recalls document.

Ten billion euros over two years

The association therefore pleads for a massive investment in the ecosystem of French start-ups. It takes at least $ 10 billion over two years to be effective. “The great leap forward to digital that we are experiencing, and this has affected all sectors is not always taken into account in the reflections on stimulus plans,” says Nicolas’brien, president of France Digitale. Where a first key proposal: condition of all public assistance to a business to a digital transformation plan, in the manner of what is done with environmental commitments. “If businesses do not take strong commitments on these issues, it will be necessary to support them again tomorrow,” said Nicholas Brien.

The issue of funding start-ups and SMES is also key. For France Digital, it is necessary to transfer some 55 billion euros of”enforced savings” of the households in the middle and upper classes to technology-oriented SMES. “In a time when SMES have a great need for funding in the boot, it is heresy to see such a buildup on the liner,” adds the young president.

“Risk of decommissioning major”

The association is also proposing to transform, from the 1st of June, the partial unemployment “leave digital training”, to improve the employability of workers and to better match supply and demand for labour. “If we consider that the topic is employment, start-ups, are the first creators of net new jobs in France, non-relocatable and 94% in CDI. They should be considered as a part of the solution,” recalls Nicolas Brien. With the acceleration of digital, France must also be more than ever careful not to let on the edge of the road, a too large part of his fellow citizens.

Another major challenge, revealed a more acute by the crisis, the urgency to be at the right level in terms of cyber security, which today involves all of the actors, regardless of their size: the association proposes to create a tax credit for expenditure on cyber security (acquisition of secured equipment, training, cyber-attacks, cyberassurance…).

“France faces a risk of downgrade major and could no longer be included among the powers of the G20 if the Government does not take the measure of the moment of acceleration to digital,” says gravely, France Digital. In an interview with the Figaro, the Economy minister Bruno Le Maire has promised action: “For the Tech, we want to allow our start-ups to fund themselves and to protect them against the risk of redemption by the giants of the digital”. Some should be presented in the third draft of the amendment to the finance act which will pass in the Council of ministers on 10 June.

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