The director of the Red Bull F1 team, Christian Horner, cleared by an internal investigation of accusations of “inappropriate behavior” brought against him by an employee, wants to “move on” and “concentrate on the track”, said he declared Thursday on the sidelines of the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix. “A complaint was raised, it was looked into closely and it was dismissed. From there, we have to move on. (…) It is time to concentrate on the track, on the performance of the cars and the drivers. This is what the spotlight should be on during a Grand Prix weekend,” said the historic boss of the Austrian team at a press conference in Jeddah.

On several occasions, Christian Horner has also asked for an end to the attacks affecting his family. “This period was very difficult. I’m married, I have three children and when your children are involved and my marriage is being scrutinized (…), it’s not right. I am lucky to have a beautiful family and a very supportive wife. It’s enough now to involve my family, we have to move on and concentrate on what we are here for,” he insisted.

The employee at the origin of these accusations was suspended, a direct consequence of the internal investigation now closed, we learned Thursday from a source close to the matter. Horner also affirmed that the team was very united and indicated that he had spoken with Jos Verstappen, Max’s father, who attacked him on Saturday after the Bahrain Grand Prix, won handily by the triple reigning world champion.

“Obviously I am aware of the statements that have been made. A discussion took place after the race and we all want to move forward. I think everyone is looking to the future, the team is focused on defending our two world titles. (…) We achieved a double, the best lap and pole position in Bahrain and we cannot achieve such results with a team that is not united,” he argued.

While rumors of Verstappen’s departure from Mercedes, who will have a free seat in 2025 after the departure of Briton Lewis Hamilton to Ferrari, have fueled the paddock in recent days, Horner said he was convinced that “Mad Max” will honor his contract which runs until 2028. “I am certain (that he will stay, Editor’s note). He has a superb team around him who he trusts,” said the British leader. On Wednesday, Verstappen said he had “no reason to leave” as long as the Red Bull team was performing well.