Formula 1 is back. A week ago, the paddock reopened its doors. And like last year, Max Verstappen and Red Bull made their mark by crushing the Bahrain GP. Should we be afraid of total domination during the next 23 Grand Prix? Response in Saudi Arabia, on the very rhythmic circuit of Jeddah (broadcast Saturday on Canal at 6 p.m.).

Having become a “cool” discipline with an increasingly young audience, thanks to the Netflix series, and as proven by the success of the GP Explorer, F1 is also followed on influencer channels. Decryption, history and informed and clear opinions… Le Figaro has selected the 11 best accounts to follow.

The TV had the Bible of journalist-consultants, Jean-Louis Moncet. The new generation has Depielo. The 32-year-old videographer, with 355,000 YouTube subscribers, analyzes all the latest news in the discipline. Each GP is entitled to its “Fast five”, an editorialized summary of the race. Very technical and erudite (even if he tries to popularize it), Pierre-Olivier Valette, his real name, takes a specialist’s view of F1. Driver and winner of the second GP Explorer organized by Squeezie, Depielo knows what he is talking about – the analyzes of overtaking on his TikTok account are very successful – and his network in the paddock allows him to post solid and informed videos. Slight negative point, the proximity with the Internet user becomes more distant as the channel gains in professionalism: the new studio is more like a television show, less face to face with the Internet user.

220,000 subscribers for Idreau on YouTube and nearly 200,000 on Twitch. The influencer, a big fan of Charles Leclerc, uses expertise (F1 and video games), strong opinions and a playful side. His last quiz against Julien Fébreau, the voice of F1, is a treat. Deliberately informal with his guests or subscribers, Julien Cizabuiros, 25, brings a refreshing tone. Because let’s not forget that Formula 1 is first and foremost entertainment.

A small channel on YouTube (72,000 subscribers), “Le Circuit”, which celebrated its fifth anniversary in 2024, nevertheless contains exciting and surprising videos. He alternates between analyzes of the upheavals of Formula 1, rankings (the 10 craziest starts to the season), decrypted archives (the 25-year-old videographer has a solid knowledge of the history of the discipline) and his experience as a driver karting (he has an endurance team). Fast delivery with a real tone, “Le Circuit” offers a real varied and complete editorial proposition for the Formula 1 fan. Its “old school” vision of F1 – understanding it before the Netflix trend – is a pleasure. A month ago, the YouTuber classified the 2024 circuits, an exercise that we did during the first GP of the season. We had almost the same podium: we placed Interlagos where he chose Suzuka – like Julien Fébreau. The mark of the greats?

Apprentice drivers: rush to the channel of Kyle Forster, former Mercedes engineer! Of course, it’s in English, but we don’t do any better to understand the technical developments or the teams’ biases, particularly on aerodynamics. In recent weeks, he has reviewed the three main single-seater candidates for the title. The analysis is fine and precise. We’ll let you discover which car made the best choices (O surprise…).

Less than 100,000 subscribers, but videos viewed hundreds of times. The reason: editorialized voice-over pellets illustrated by photos or videos. We share a lot of his analyses, particularly his criticisms against Lance Stroll, the black sheep of F1. A little more fantasy wouldn’t hurt the channel.

“The quality of the show is not the thing I want to judge in Formula 1 or even the thing that interests me the most.” The tone is set. “A pit stop” is a technical exercise for specialists. This channel, which is close to 70,000 subscribers, is a good way to extend each GP and compare feelings between technicians in the discipline. We are a long way from the “Netflixian” vision of Formula 1 where real fans were excluded.

It all started in 2016 for Stuart Taylor, aka “Chain Bear.” A first video to explain the change in tire regulations. Since then, the channel has gained subscribers and acquired reference status. With a background in mathematics and science, Taylor is a demanding teacher and popularizer with animated charts and infographics – for example a terrific analysis of pit stops. Despite his 500,000 subscribers on YouTube, “Chain Bear” has abandoned the paddocks to confine himself to a few messages on X. But his videos, real courses for perfecting his knowledge of racing cars, remain current.

A YouTube channel and podcasts. The interviews are long (around an hour) and allow us to learn about the lives of those who make Formula 1 (Cyril Abiteboul, Frédéric Vasseur, Julien Fébreau, Jean-Michel Tibi) and those who are passionate about it (Paul Belmondo, Arnaud Tsamere). The prize for the craziest interview goes to this hour of confession with Pierre Waché, number 2 at Red Bull. With his ten million listens and views per month, Yann Delplanque is a heavyweight in the discipline. The interviews are extremely well conducted and always captivating. There is no glove box in an F1: the thirty-year-old is opening up to motor sports in general. Go and listen to the 126 minutes of discussions with Henri Pescarolo, the legend of Le Mans!

Not the most innovative of channels, but very good, very informed videos (a team of experienced journalists roam the paddocks). A powerful YouTube account (1 million subscribers), a growing TikTok and fun Instagram: “The Race” offers a complete editorial offering.

Integrated on the FT Sports channel (more than 100,000 subscribers), the Pistonnés know how to bounce back on all the news, controversies and Formula 1 GPs with a formula that delights radio and TV: debate. While remaining audible and courteous, the three or four participants exchange arguments and their vision of the discipline. Stimulating!

Photographer accredited by F1 for the entire season, Australian Kym Illman delivers his best photos on his Instagram account (440,000 subscribers), but has an excellent YouTube channel where he describes the paddock’s unusual and nugget sides. There is, among other things, a focus on the drivers’ personal cars, their favorite watches or the most affordable circuits for fans. Unknown to the general public, the photographer benefits from all the privileged access to tell, in a funny way, unique anecdotes.

“Who is faster between Mario and Michael Schumacher?” This is a question that few F1 fans have asked themselves… And yet. With more than a million subscribers on YouTube and Twitch, Yann Cj 23 offers different content very focused on video games and new trends.