The Metz handball players won their 12th Coupe de France on Saturday in Paris against Dijon (29-20), the first lift of an unprecedented treble targeted, with the championship and the Champions League. Ten days after regaining control of the championship by winning in Brest (24-19) and fifteen before the Final Four of the C1, in Budapest (June 1 and 2), the “Dragonnes” maintained their momentum at the ‘Arena carries de la Chapelle by winning their third Coupe de France in a row.

“We go home with at least something hoping for more, better. This trophy is very important, we are not overusing anything,” declared the Lorraine coach, Emmanuel Mayonnade.

Their players were also able to prepare for the big Hungarian meeting, where they will first face the Germans from Bietigheim in the semi-finals, as they had to play seriously for 60 minutes to get rid of the Burgundians, beaten in the Coupe de France final. France for the fourth time. Only a short header in front at the break (15-14), the Lorraines had to wait until they entered the last 10 minutes to widen a real gap, after having inflicted a 4-0 (21-17 to 25-17 ) to the Dijonnaises very catchy and in talented sequences. But who did not last the distance (only six goals scored in the second period).

“It’s a final: we knew it wasn’t going to be easy, especially against one of the most aggressive teams in the championship. We are very, very happy, it starts there for the future. We are reassured, because something concrete has finally rewarded our work since July,” declared pivot Sarah Bouktit.

Deprived of their right back Louise Vinter Burgaard, spared due to muscle pain, the Messines were particularly able to count in attack on Kristina Jörgensen (five goals), Chloé Valentini (5) and Bouktit (6).