Paris SG found its way to victory in the Starligue de handball in pain, dominating Chambéry with a short header (34-33) during the 20th day after dropping its first point, on the occasion of the previous one, against Toulouse (29-29).

The Parisians (39 pts) regained their five lengths lead over Nantes, winner on Friday at Cesson-Rennes (36-26), but trembled until the end even though they were seven goals ahead of just under 15 minutes from the end (47th).

But they suffered the return of the Savoyards carried by their Brazilian right-back Gustavo Rodrigues (7 goals on 9 shots), who brought his team to one goal 40 seconds from the siren (33-32) before Kamil Syprzak (10/ 12 including 2/3 from penalties) does not, as often this season, cause a thorn in the Parisian side.