His short-lived time at National Education was punctuated by numerous controversies, including one concerning the education of his children. The Minister of Sports and the Olympic and Paralympic Games Amélie Oudéa-Castéra returned to the Team on her chaotic 28 days at the head of National Education. “It was a period during which I learned a lot. I knew that political life was tough and there I experienced it. It’s obviously a significant period, but one from which I emerge seasoned and more determined than ever to serve French sport.” And Amélie Oudéa-Castéra defends the choice of grouping portfolios a few months before the Paris Games. “I think that this mission made sense with all the action that the two ministries are carrying out jointly: the 30 minutes, the 2 more hours [of sport] in college, the 25,000 places for sport studies, the aptitude tests physical in 6th grade, learning to swim or cycle. It no longer appears today in the same configuration. Of which act. We are going forward.”

Asked, moreover, about the opening ceremony of July 26, she assures: “We have both additional security and an ambition which is intact. With a gauge of more than 320,000 people, we remain at the recent low point. This increased security, the French expected it from us (…) We want there to also be a form of embarkation of people who have been impacted by the organization of the Games, residents, local residents, economic actors, different operators, etc. People who we really want to include in this party and who are not naturally or spontaneously included.