One of the obligatory stops during the Mobile World Congress that is being held these days in Barcelona is the Lenovo stand, in pavilion 3. The Asian firm has managed to attract the attention of a good part of the press by showing two very interesting prototypes, although At the moment it is just that, two conceptual devices: a transparent laptop and a smartphone that rolls up so much that it can even be placed like a bracelet.

Specifically, the Lenovo ThinkBook Transparent Display Laptop Concept has a 17.3-inch Micro-LED transparent panel, barely borderless and with a very striking design, even on the keyboard, as it gives the impression that there is hardly any components.

According to Lenovo, the objective of this equipment is to integrate the virtual with the real. Through the ability of Artificial Intelligence Generated Content (AIGC), the transparent screen allows you to facilitate interaction with physical objects and overlay digital information. AI combined with transparent screens will offer new ways to interact with data and applications, the Asian brand assures, and they assure that this proof of concept provides a futuristic perspective of PCs with AI, combining digital and physical environments that will improve user experiences. users in ways never before imagined.

Likewise, another of the firm’s most curious prototypes has been the new Lenovo Adaptive Display smartphone, a terminal capable of bending to different degrees until it becomes a bracelet. Thanks to a wrist support, Lenovo has shown how its phone can be placed in the shape of a watch. Uncomfortable, but striking.

The equipment offers more positions, such as tent type, or fully extended. In addition, through artificial intelligence it is capable of creating wallpapers based on a photograph, which for example can be of the look of the moment and complete the outfit with a matching watch.

In order to create such a device, the Chinese firm has used an innovative zigzag-shaped battery, although they have not given more details about it because it will not be on sale at the moment.