“We will have to fight until the end,” warned Lens coach Franck Haise on Sunday after his team’s defeat in Marseille (2-1), marked by a goal “offered” to OM at the end of match.

“When we lose like that in the 85th minute, giving OM the chance to score, obviously there are regrets. But it’s not regrets that will move us forward,” Haise said at a press conference.

“I asked them to switch and prepare for Lorient. We have our destiny in our hands, even if we could have made it even better this evening,” he added.

The Lensois technician then returned to the “terribly difficult” Sang et Or season.

“We have rarely made as many mistakes as this season. We pay them. The season is going to be tough until the end. I hope she will have a happy ending but it’s our season, we have to accept it,” he explained.

“Last season, we were flying. This season we will have to fight until the end. We need to stay together and make fewer mistakes. We still did a lot of good things tonight. We were quite interesting and we deserved our equalizer,” he also said.