Antoine Griezmann (Atlético Madrid striker, winner of Almeria 2-1, at the microphone of Movistar): “It’s hard to kill matches … It happened to us in Vallecas, the same today. We need to progress in this sector, but I remain happy with the performance of the team. We hit the post twice, there may be a hand that hasn’t been whistled, but that’s how it is. We have to stay at the level where we want to be and where our audience expects us. Me, if I am at this level, it is thanks to the team. I give everything for our coach. And I am very happy with the level displayed by (Yannick) Carrasco (author of the decisive pass on the second goal, editor’s note). The work we did in pre-season is paying off now, and the results give us confidence. We have to keep working, because next weekend we have a nice match to play (at Camp Nou against FC Barcelona, ​​editor’s note), and we will still have to fight.