Carlo Ancelotti (Real Madrid coach, defeated 4-2 in Girona on Tuesday for the 31st day of La Liga, in a post-match press conference):

“It’s a tough night, yes. We apologize to the supporters. Our game was bad defensively. With the ball, we played well, especially at the start, we managed, we were sharper… but they led two counterattacks, scored two goals for us, and then we tried to come back with our individualities, not like a team. Today (this Tuesday, editor’s note) the team did not play. The individual level was below normal for everyone. We were nervous from the start, we lost control a bit, and when we felt like the break could do us good, we conceded the third goal, and the match got complicated. The team was not connected, and we paid him. If we don’t commit to defence, we have difficulty winning matches. If we commit, we will win all the matches. This is the key. We didn’t put any today (Tuesday, editor’s note). In the last seven matches, we had kept our clean sheet six times, and tonight we conceded four goals… because there was no commitment. The players understood it, and if necessary, I would repeat it every day.