AC Ajaccio received a suspended one-point withdrawal following the incidents when Bordeaux came on August 21 during the third day of Ligue 2, announced the Disciplinary Committee of the Professional Football League ( LFP) meeting on Wednesday in Paris.

Scuffles had opposed the supporters of the two clubs from the 11th minute of the match which had to be interrupted for 58 minutes.

“In view of the seriousness of the facts, the LFP disciplinary committee had put the file under investigation and had pronounced, as a precaution, the immediate and total closure of the François-Coty stadium”, recalls the League. In addition to the withdrawal of a suspended point, Ajaccio will see the closure for a match of the Faedda stand of its François-Coty stadium. The match behind closed doors initially pronounced was purged on the 5th day against Dunkirk.

For their part, the Girondins de Bordeaux will be denied access to the visitors’ area during their team’s next two matches on the opposing field.

In addition, concerning the incidents during Nantes-Marseille of the 4th day of Ligue 1, the League decided to put the file under investigation, “in view of the seriousness of the facts”.

The behavior of Nantes supporters is in question: incident in the Océane stand, use of pyrotechnic devices, throwing of objects and intrusion into the playing area.

The decision will be made at the end of the session on Wednesday September 20 during which the instructor will submit his report, specifies the LFP.