Liverpool showed that it was “ready to fight until the end”, noted coach Jürgen Klopp after hanging on at home to Manchester City (1-1) on Sunday thanks to an “absolutely exceptional” second period.

“We have already overcome a lot this season, but today we showed that we are ready to fight until the end of the race. That’s what I like the most,” Klopp reacted on Sky Sports.

In the standings, Liverpool moved to second, tied on points with leader Arsenal and one point ahead of Manchester City, the three-time defending champion.

“This is not a decisive match for the title. After this match, no one is going to uncork the champagne bottles because there is a long road ahead for all of us. But if you can play like that against Man City, it’s a message sent,” Klopp said.

Liverpool attempted 19 shots, their highest total against Manchester City since February 2013, noted statistician Opta. Twelve of them were attempted in the second half.

“It was the best second half performance we have ever had against Man City. We’ve never dominated this team so much, we’ve never put them in this situation. We have never made so many good decisions, we have never been so courageous,” rejoiced Klopp.

“The way the boys played in the second half was absolutely outstanding. (…) We may have sinned a little in the first ten minutes, but after that we were completely in the game. What a match, what an atmosphere, what an afternoon!”, he exclaimed.

Their captain Virgil van Dijk felt that Liverpool “should have won” based on the second half, “but they shot at the post too. It was so tight.”

“Coming away with a point is not a bad situation, we have to concentrate on what happens,” continued the Dutch defender.