Friends with the supporters of AEK Athens, the turns of the Vélodrome stadium once again lived up to a European evening. As during the reception of Brighton (2-2), the Marseille supporters pushed their team throughout the match after displaying magnificent tifos highlighting the fraternal bond they maintain with the Greek ultras. There were more than 64,300 of them this evening to support Gattuso’s team despite the late schedule of the meeting. A fervor rewarded, finally, by a controlled victory in the European Cup.

Established in place of Aubameyang, the Portuguese did not achieve everything but was decisive. And that’s what we ask of an attacker. The former Braga player first opened the scoring on a Clauss serve before obtaining the 2-1 penalty and, at the same time, forcing the expulsion of AEK goalkeeper Stankovic. Released to the public’s ovation with Harit, Vitinha responded. Ideal for confidence before the important deadlines to come for OM.

Often absent since the start of the season, the two “ex” from Atlético Madrid reminded everyone that they knew the European level. Lodi didn’t let anything pass on his left side before cunningly taking the second penalty which allowed the Phocaeans to take the lead. In the midfield, Kondogbia also raised the cursor, proving very valuable in recovery and throwing the ball at his feet.


Like the failed second half against Brighton on the last day, OM were content with their meager advantage and fell back at the start of the second half until conceding Pineda’s equalizer. This time, this air gap had no impact on the final result but the Marseillais could have relived a nightmare scenario. Fortunately, Stankovic was there../

Very good in the first half, the Austrian goalkeeper completely destroyed the efforts of his team, returning to 1-1. His completely missed restart then his gross and intentional foul on Vitinha logically earned him a red card and a penalty. A blunder which precipitated the fall of the visitors. OM didn’t ask for that much.